Into Eternity Part Ways With Guitarist Rob Doherty?

Posted by miray on 04/05/06

Canada's technically progressive death metal band Into Eternity appear to have parted ways with guitarist Rob Doherty. The band are currently opening for Gamma Ray on two U.S. dates with the help of a replacement guitarist, who was apparently recruited without Doherty's knowledge.

In an April 30, 2006 posting on the band's official forum, Rob wrote, "I have moved from Regina after our last tour 'cause I needed to work. I had three songs written for the next disc and a bunch of riffs Tim [Roth, guitar/vocals] and I worked out. I had been waiting for these shows and for some sort of solid confirmation. This never happened. I flew home and gave the band the gear from my house and all seemed fine. The next thing I know the band has a replacement for me...

"I have given all to this band for two years with the promise of becoming a full-time member business-wise. I guess what I'm sayin' is if I am to be a hired gun then I need to be paid. I cannot pay my bills on the hopes that everything will just work out. I cannot rely on 'IF we sell merch' as a form of payment....

"I did this for two years and proved that I am into it. I play my ass off every night as hard as I can and love it!!! But the fact is we are on the road a lot and if we are gonna be out that much, there needs to be a buisness plan to look after shit back home."

Upon their return to Canada later this week, Into Eternity will continue pre-production for their fourth album, which they will once again be recording at Touchwood Studios in their hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Original drummer Jim Austin has signed on to play on the new record, which will be mixed by acclaimed producer Andy Sneap.

Source: BlabberMouth.Net

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