Roadburn Festival 2014 line-up update

Posted by AP on 26/09/13

The line-up for Roadburn Festival 2014 has been shaping up of late, so we thought we'd drop an update regarding which acts are currently confirmed to appear at one of the most unique rock/metal festivals in Europe. Thus far, the following names dot the line-up:

Thursday, April 10th:

Anciients (ca)

ASG (us)

Brutus (no)

Conan (uk)

Crowbar (us)

The Cult Of Dom Keller (uk)

Freedom Hawk (us)

Graves At Sea (us)

Locrian (us)

Lord Dying (us)

The Shrine (us)

Sourvein (us)

True Widow (us)

Friday, April 11th (curated by Mikael Åkerfeldt):

The Heads (uk) (feat. John McBain)

Kandodo (uk)

Opeth (se)

Tyranny (fi)

Saturday, April 12th:

11Paranoias (uk)

A Storm Of Light (us)

E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr (fi)

Glitter Wizard (us)

Gozu (us)

The Heads (uk) (feat. John McBain)

Horse Latitudes (fi)

Inter Arma (us)

Loop (uk)

Mansion (fi)

Momentum (is)

Papir (dk)

Sula Bassana (de) (with band)

The Vintage Caravan (is)

Windhand (us)

Yob (us) (performing "The Great Cessation")

Sunday, April 13th:

Aqua Nebula Oscillator (fr)

The Heads (uk) (feat. John McBain)

Scorpion Child (us)

Triptykon (ch)

Yob (us)

The festival will take place at various venues in Tilburg in the Netherlands between the 10th & 13th of April. We will keep posting updates about the festival, including line-up additions, as they trickle in.

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