New rock club opening in Copenhagen soon

Posted by TL on 27/02/12

On Friday, April 13th a new club focused on hard rock and metal called Sin City will opens its doors to patrons for the first time at Kødbyen, Copenhagen, aiming to replace the clubbing void for metalheads left behind by The Rock's unexpected closure last year.

The place will have two floors, with the main floor concentrating on hard rock and metal hits from the 1970s onwards (think Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Metallica etc), whereas the basement floor ('Down Below') will focus exclusively on the heavier subgenres like thrash, death, viking, black and classical hero metal.

They also have a live stage where they'll be showcasing bands similar to those at The Rock.

The bar prices are fairly reasonable:

* Pint of beer for 40 DKK

* Carlsberg cans for 25 DKK (6 pack for 125,-)

* Shots 15,- DKK (Jägermeister, Fisherman's Friend etc)

* Tuborg Gold 0.5L cans 40 DKK

* Drinks (booze+mixer) 50 DKK

* Bottle of Jack Daniels with ice and soda 666 DKK

Additionally, the bar will feature "angry hour" between midnight and 1am, where each drink purhcase will yield you a free shot as well.

Opening days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

For more details check out their Facebook page.

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