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American Soil is again very much welcome to the metal scene with their third album "True Self", featuring their new vocalist and a new record label. The ex-vocalist Ryan McCombs' leaving the band to join Drowning Pool shocked the fans and made them worry about the band's future. But no need to worry, AJ Cavalier joined the band as the new singer, they signed a record deal with DRT Entertainment and released an album that will please all the fans. Well, I summed up the things about Soil a little bit but here is the guitarist Shaun Glass telling them all and more in a detail way...

RF.Net: Let's start with the tour, you are just back from an European tour with Staind. I think it is the first time you played the new songs and the first shows with your new vocalist, how was the fans' reactions to the new songs and to the new vocalist?

This tour went amazing, old fans came out and soo many new ones made, almost every show was sold out and the reaction to A J is 110 % better. All the fans agree we seem happier and more intense live than ever also Staind are amazing people, they really treated us like family and went out of there way to make sure we felt at home.

RF.Net: Talking about the tour, i am sure you had some crazy moments worth to tell. So what's the craziest thing that has happened to you on tour?

Maybe Aaron getting Tim stoned in Germany and watching Tim drunk dance hahaha!

RF.Net: Ryan McCombs left Soil to join Drowning Pool and you welcomed A.J. to the Soil family. As I know, Wayne Static of Static-X recommended him to you, is that correct? What's the story behind A.J. joining the band?

AJ was referred from Wayne correct, he just fit the vibe and the sound of the band and we thought he was a great addition to our sound. He really fits in everyway and i think on true self it shows in every aspect.

RF.Net: Changing band members is always a hard thing for a band, but changing the singer seems to be the hardest one and especially the fans don't always welcome the new guy well. Do you have any worries about that? How do you think changing the singer will affect your fan base?

No worries at all. The fans have said this is our best cd and the press agrees ALOT like it more than redefine so i'm not too concerned about what anyone thinks of Ryan.

RF.Net: Looking at your comments and Ryan McCombs' comments about his departure, you said "A.J. is a better fit for us", "I don't care what Ryan is doing", etc and Ryan said that he had fallen in love with music again. It seems that you didn't really get on well with him. What can you say about that?

Its true, we were never friends and i dont really care what band he is in now. I am just glad he's not in Soil as he tried to ruin this band in soo many ways.

RF.Net: A new member means new ideas and a different point of view. So now that A.J. joins the song writing process, is there anything new with Soil's sound, song themes, etc?

He did his job on the new cd. His lyrics and melodies fit perfect to the songs we wrote, we have the formula down!

RF.Net: You worked with Johnny K for the production of the last two albums, but I see the name Ulrich Wild behind "True Self"’s production. What are the reasons for this change? Do you think that it's a disadvantage to work with the same producer for a long time?

Yes, it was time for a change and on redefine soo much stuff happened that we didnt agree on were work horses and when your forced to do things too slow it takes the vibe away and getting ULRICH was a huge bonus as we worked hard as a unit

RF.Net: You were working with J Records that is not into metal music as much. I don't know what you think about your ex-label, but I think Scars and Redefine never got the push they deserved, right? And now you are working with DRT Entertainment, are you happy with the label now?

J Records was a great thing at first but then they never GREW on rock as they PROMISED us so it really got bad on Redefine and also with our Ryan issues it just imploded. DRT is a great NEW label they are now really begining to make a name for themselves. 2006 will be quite rocking for them/us!

RF.Net: In one of your interviews, I read that you loved Cold's latest album. But as you know, a few weeks ago they officially announced their split-up. How do you feel about that?

That sucks, yes, i am a HUGE cold fan. It really is a shame, i hope there new act is going to do better for them, Atlantic Records really dropped the ball on there latest offering.

RF.Net: In Cold's break up statement, it is written: "When you put a song out on the radio, it is what it is. It's a gamble on your life and your career and your hope." and "disappointing sales performance of the band's fourth album" is the reason of their breaking up. So Shaun, what do you think about this business' mercilessness and would you do the same thing if you were him?

I am not scooter so i cant say etc etc but yes radio is a key BUT touring is really where it is at nowadays

RF.Net: To finish off I would like you to mention 5 things about yourself that you think fans should definetly know..

I am honest and tell it like it is, if i love something i'll admit it and if i think something is fake, shit etc i will say it.

RF.Net: Thank you very much for your time Shaun, any last comments to end the interview?

Enjoy the new album and please buy music!

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