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Demiricous is one of Americanized thrash metal's brightest hopes for 2006, and as the release date of their debut album "One (Hellbound)" is closing up, and it has been receiving rave reviews across the net, our newest scribe Miray decided to send them an email questionnaire to find out what the band expects from the new album, and what their plans for 2006 look like. What she received back were answers of a modest man, with almost no expectations to the album, even though it is most likely going to be taken in by the fans all around the globe. Read on to find out what Nate had to tell us. First of all, congratulations for the album! The album hit the stores on January 24. You have been getting good reviews from the press but it is time to learn what the fans think. So how are you feeling nowadays, excited?

Yeah, totally excited, I can't wait to tour n shit. I'm psyched to just hang out with people at shows and rage. What are your expectations for the album? Will it take you to the big leagues?

No expectations. Fuck that, we're too new. And don't care about the big leagues. I think your long time fans will be a little bit surprised with the album cover, they were expecting to see the goat thing you have on the previous album covers. I read in one of your interviews that you were thinking to use that as your trademark, like Iron Maiden's Eddy. So what are the reasons for giving up that idea?

We don't really have anything to do with Satanic shit. We just went with it at the time cuz we had to make all our album covers in a matter of hours cuz we always would wait till the last second for everything. Plus that was years ago and shit's done changed. In the promo sheet it says that, "Scott, Nate, and Chris love old thrash but nothing like that was coming out anymore so they decided to start a band of their own on Halloween night 2001". Yeah, it is a good reason to form the band, but can you tell me about the time before the Halloween night 2001. Surely it was not just a sudden decision on Halloween night 2001, right? Tell me about your musical background, your previous bands, how you guys met?

Scott, Ben and I had skateboarded together for years so that's how we met. Scott and I were going to this terrible art school here in Indy and that's where we met Chris Cruz. Chris was playing in a black metal band called Castlevania and he asked Scott and I to come to the show which was on Halloween night 2001. After the show we were hangin out and just decided to jam around together on some older style shit cuz we all knew we wanted to do somethin for fun. As for musical background, Chris was in Castlevania, Ben was in a deathmetal band called Upheaval, Scott had never been in a band, and I was in a bunch of punk bands in high school n shit. In 2005 the band caught the attention of Metal Blade Records. It seems that you already became the "local heroes" in your hometown, even before signing with Metal Blade, which is a great success. So please tell me what the band was up to for 4 years, between 2001 and 2005.

We basically just played shows with all our friends bands over the years. That's basically it, no tours, no nothing, just local raging. The band's name, Demiricous, is a combination of words put together. Can you tell me the story behind the band's name, which words are there in the combination and the meaning. Why didn't you choose a name that had a specific meaning?

We just made the name up, we didn't want a name that meant shit. We didn't want an image or style pinned on us just cuz of the name or whatever. So we made it up and it doesn't mean shit. We wanted a name that sounded metal that's all. Not so long ago, Doc Coyle of God Forbid said the problem Kerry King had caused the world is making us all wait this long for another Slayer record and writing so many great riffs, that there aren't any left for other metal bands. What do you think about that quote? Do you still have the hope that Slayer will release a new album?

Well, you just gotta think outside the box when writing riffs. Try to do some obscure shit. It's obvious we aren't really doing anything new, but we try to write some weird shit here and there. I understand where he's commin from cuz the shit King and Slayer have written has been so monumental and everything. Coyle probably just being a little

sarcastic. But I have faith Slayer will have some shit up their sleeve. And another question about a thrash legend. As you know, Exodus released an album called Shovel Headed Kill Machine with a new singer. If you have the chance to listen the album, do you like it, what do you think about the new singer?

I did take a quick listen. I think it's totally Exodus!! There's no real change in style other than the vocals. I don't mind the vocals, I prefer the old style shit, but at least the riffs and everything else was typical Exodus which is a good thing. But like I said I haven?t

taken a long good listen. What is the best show you have ever played and why?

Well my favorite show was a local show here called Stage Dive Fest. Our friend Sean puts it on every 2 years and it's only local bands. We got to headline the shit and it was ridiculous. We covered Fucking Hostile cuz it was right after Dime passed and shit just went off. It was so much fuckin fun. What about the worst?

Probably New England Metal Fest this past year. I hadn't slept in 3 days cuz I was sick as fuck and we were like the second band on Sunday and I just passed out during the first song and fell down n shit. But somehow we didn't fuck the song up. But I just thought we put on a poor performance overall, we cut one song off the set cuz shit was just all fucked. What is the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

New England Metal Fest above was one, other shit: belt flying off during song, bass strap breaking and bass flying to audience. All the typical shit. Do you know of/listen to any Danish bands? If so, which ones (Aqua doesn't count!)

I don't pay a whole lot of attention always as to where bands are from so I probably do, but don't even know it. What do you think about fans downloading music from the Internet?

I understand why people are pissed but I don't give a fuck. At least people get to enjoy what you are doing and that's the point really. What about the try-before-you-buy policy?

Do whatever man, record sales is one thing but it won't make me happy in the end. People sharing the same fun as I'm having making the shit. If you could be woman in the rock/metal scene, who would you be and why? Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy perhaps?

I'll be any of them. It's gotta be awesome to be hot as fuck and just totally be able to do shit you like to do and tell all the guys fuck you. What does 2006 hold in the bag for Demiricious? A European tour perhaps, with a date in Denmark?

We'll be touring as much as possible, probably around 300 days a year. I think we'll get our feet on the ground here in the U.S. first. But I hope to be in Europe in a year or two. That would be amazing.

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