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It was bitter cold afternoon in London and I was waiting outside the venue to see Ocala, Florida act A Day To Remember. Personally I've been a big fan of the whole pop punk meets hardcore sound they have unlike fellow scribes TL and AP who I receive plenty of hassle from whenever I even mention them. Whether they like them or not they should know that A Day To Remember are quickly becoming one of the biggest names for the scene here with all their UK dates sold out well in advance and now playing bigger than ever venues. I headed up into the room at the top of the venue and sat down with members of the band on a couch to talk about a few things an hour before doors opened at the front.

RF.net: So just to start off, can you tell the readers who you are and what you do in the band?
Josh: Cool, Josh and I play bass in A Day To Remember.

Alex: Alex, I play drums.

RF.net: Right so this is the fourth night, how is the tour going so far?
Josh: It's going pretty good, we're having a lot fun! Every show has been sold-out and we're on tour with some cool bands and it's just been sweet. Really big shows and having a good time!

Alex: (after me pointing the mic at him) Sweet!

RF.net: Sold out shows, so what has the reaction been like? Kids going crazy?
Josh: Yeah, kids are going REALLY crazy. The people have always been really supportive over here. I think we did a headlining tour... a year or two back but things have just grown, so it's just sweet that people are really excited to see us over here.

RF.net: This kind of slightly related I suppose, but what is the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while on tour? That you can remember?
Josh: We actually were just going through a list of things... (looks at Jeremy across the room) Jeremy, what was one? That you were telling David?

Jeremy: (very quiet, didn't hear him very well) It got really sick.

Josh: You did a bad thing. Er I remember this time... I was swimming, we all went swimming at this like, cliff that you can jump off into the water in Tennessee and Jeremy pee'd on me... from the cliff. That's pretty funny I guess.

RF.net: Haha sweet... well I guess not for you at the time.

Josh: Alex, you got any memories?

Alex: I don't know, it's hard to think of...like I don't know, give me one Jeremy and I'll say it. That's the kind of... (interrupted).

Josh: Well how about, Alex, like the entire time we toured in our van in the States. We had, like a 15 passenger van, with bench seats or whatever so whoever was driving, drove, whoever was sitting passenger, like the co-pilot or whatever was there, and then it was usually was broken up into... like our guitarist like slept in the front, Jeremy slept in the next one, I slept in the next one, and then it was Neil, our other guitar player. So Alex didn't have a bench seat, so for how many years? like two and a half? (Alex: two and a half) almost three years? He slept on the floor between Tom our old guitar player and Jeremy's bunk on the floor.

Alex: It' uh, took my a good five minutes to turn from my back to my side, or to turn to my side to my stomach, or however position I wanted to lay. And there was no AC down there, and we were sleeping in the van a lot so I wake up sweating and just hating my life but... it's not really funny but looking back it's really funny so.

RF.net: So before the tour have you been doing anything like new music? Anything like that?
Josh: Um, I think a few people have been like demoing some stuff, like just started writing a few things. I think most of the writing will probably start to happen after our A-market tour, or during ... err what am I thinking? during the A-market tour. And uh... am I even right? Did I just say the right thing? I kinda just started talking, I didn't know what I was doing...

Alex: Yeah we're writing a lot, and I think we'll record it this summer and I don't know when it's going to be out but, it'll be good. Or at least we'll like it...that's all that matters.

RF.net: Speaking of that, you seem to divide public opinion quite strongly. Kids either really, really like you or you get some strong opposing critics, why do you think that is?
Josh: I think it's just cos we're so diverse. Either you get it or you don't. If you don't, then I can see why people would make fun of it. It doesn't really make sense. I think we've gotten better at making sense of it but...

Alex: I just think they're fucking jealous, that's all I got to say.

RF.net: Haha

RF.net: Okay so what influences you to write the sort of style you have, your mix of heavy and poppy?
Josh: I think in the beginning, the band was just like split like half and half. Some people wanted to be in a hardcore band and some people wanted to be in a like a pop band. We all like pop and hardcore and then so that's how some of the earlier stuff started and kind of just like found this niche of like the kind of stuff wanted to write, and we always wanted to be heavy and always wanted to be catchy so, just kind of ran with it. And that's where it is now.

RF.net: So been have you been liking anything you have been listening to lately?
Alex: The Young Money CD - fucking great. The new Erykah Badu, actually no idea, er I just said that... (whole room laughs) Er I dunno, I just listen to a lot of crazy shit. What have you got Josh?

Josh: I been going through a lot of rap too, uh The Young Money CD is really good. Um... it's not out yet but it will be out, the new Veara record. You need to check them out.

RF.net: So your all time favourites?
Josh: New Found Glory, Blink 182, some of the older Bury Your Dead stuff, Seven Star, this old band called Fuss (spelling?) - they were from Panhandle.. (more laughter from the room) and Alex what about you?

Alex: Less Than Jake, Blink 182, New found Glory.

Josh: Everyone should know our sound guy's side band, it's a straight-edge band...even though he's not straight edge. It's called xNoEntry...x. (more laughter)

Alex: There's another band you should check out called Kitty Peri (spelling?). (more laughter)

RF.net: Fantasy tour? with bands you haven't toured with yet?
Josh: We really want to get on tour with Blink 182, that's like the goal. And I think that's probably it. I'm sure there's probably others, but that's the main one.

Alex: And Metallica too though, that's band is fucking enormous!

RF.net: What's your favourite song you guys have ever done as band?
Josh: To play? or written?

RF.net: both?

Josh: I think my favourite song that... we've ever done... I really like off the new record, a song called "Holdin' It Down For The Underground".

RF.net: What about playing wise?

Josh: Playing wise I would probably say, let's see, I always like to play one of the heavier songs I guess like "Mr Highway's Thinking About The End", that's always a fun song to play, and there's a ton of songs I like to play. Alex?

Alex: I like playing "I'm Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?" and "Homesick", those are my two favourites.

RF.net: What do you think is the biggest difference between shows here and shows in the US?
Josh: I don't really know, like, there's a lot of kids here there's a lot of kids over there. The kids go crazy, they know all our stuff. I think it's just a different place, I don't really know how to answer that question... Kids are the same, shows are usually the same. Alex?

Alex: Well I think they (as in here in Europe) appreciate it more because we're coming over from the States. And there's so many shows, like every day in the states that so you get kids, that they don't go to a show for a band that they don't want to see. And they think that "Oh fuck I'll just go to a show tomorrow cos I can." where over here I don't feel like they get as much touring and I don't know, it's kind of over saturated I guess? Something like that?

RF.net:So what kind of new things can we expect with your new music? or is it a bit early to tell now?
Josh: I think it might be a little early...

Alex: I think the best way to put it is, it should be called "Homesicker" cos it's going to be like "Homesick" but sicker... (awkward pause) ... What? (looks around the room, laughter) there's no other way I can think about saying it! it'll be the same shit just better.

RF.net: Alright that'll be it, the last word is with you guys!
Josh: Uhhhhhhhhh...thanks for doing the interview! Thanks for listening! Check out... what is it rock..?

RF.net: (whispers into his ear)

Josh: Rockfreaks.net! :D

Alex: Fuck yeah!


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