Gig Reviews

Artist Support Where Date Author
A Day To Remember Architects + Your Demise London, UK 12/03/2010 BL
A Day To Remember August Burns Red + The Ghost Inside + Living With Lions Malmö, SWE 27/10/2011 AP
A Loss For Words All Or Nothing + LYU Southampton, UK 04/03/2010 AP
A Perfect Circle Chelsea Wolfe Frederiksberg, DEN 12/12/2018 PP
A Place to Bury Strangers zZz Copenhagen, DEN 28/04/2015 BV
A Road To Damascus Shaped Like Swans + Tag Your Targets Copenhagen, DEN 08/10/2011 TL
A Road To Damascus Silence Of September + Searing Solace Copenhagen, DEN 17/04/2010 PP
A Road To Damascus PMS + Luke Stole My Handgun Copenhagen, DEN 18/02/2012 TL
A Road To Damascus Dead Smiling Pirates Copenhagen, DEN 19/05/2012 TL
A Road To Damascus Tiger/Swan + Sea + Dog In A Bag Copenhagen, DEN 26/04/2014 TL
A Skylit Drive Dance Gavin Dance + Adept London, UK 11/11/2009 AP
A Storm Of Light Minsk + Latitudes London, UK 28/10/2009 EW
Abgott Affluenza + L Sol Tace London, UK 25/11/2012 EW
Aborted Billy Boy in Poison Copenhagen, DEN 11/06/2012 AP
Aborted By The Patient Copenhagen, DEN 14/07/2011 MST
Absu Pantheon I + Razor Of Occam + Zoroaster London, UK 03/11/2009 EW
Absu Solbrud Copenhagen, DEN 06/03/2013 AP
Absu Impiety + Necronomicon London, UK 12/04/2012 EW
AC/DC Vintage Trouble + Helhorse Roskilde, DEN 15/07/2015 AP
AC/DC The Answer + The Floor Is Made Of Lava Copenhagen, DEN 19/06/2009 AP
Accept Night Demon Copenhagen, DEN 11/02/2018 AP
Accept Wolf London, UK 17/03/2011 EW
Accept none Copenhagen, DEN 30/10/2012 AP
Acid King Child + Drukner Copenhagen, DEN 09/10/2018 AP
ACxDC Lack of Interest + Xibalba + Theories + Sleep Walkers Pomona, USA 21/02/2012 MGA
Adept While She Sleeps + Walking With Strangers Copenhagen, DEN 02/04/2011 AP
Adept Her Bright Skies + Lights In Reverse Copenhagen, DEN 06/02/2009 TL
Adhesive Uphill Struggle + Shuvit + Dungeon Days Copenhagen, DEN 08/12/2017 PP
Aerosmith Rival Sons Copenhagen, DEN 05/06/2017 AP
AFI Blindside Copenhagen, DEN 11/05/2007 TL
After The Burial Monuments + Circles + Tides From Nebula Copenhagen, DEN 07/11/2014 MBC
Against Me! Roger Harvey + Caves Copenhagen, DEN 08/04/2015 TL
Against Me! Future Of The Left + Steriogram Copenhagen, DEN 08/10/2007 TL
Against Me! The Dahmers + True Moon Malmö, SWE 17/06/2017 PP
Against Me! Hammonds Harrington & Destroy Copenhagen, DEN 25/07/2012 PP
Agalloch Velnias Copenhagen, DEN 05/04/2012 AP
Age Of Woe Parasight + Thurs + Preggy Punch Valby, DEN 12/07/2013 AZ
Agent Fresco Trusted Few Copenhagen, DEN 05/06/2012 TL
Agent Fresco Ciccone Ritchie Copenhagen, DEN 18/12/2015 HES
Agent Fresco Trust Copenhagen, DEN 19/06/2009 TL
Agent Fresco Akiri Copenhagen, DEN 27/01/2011 AP
Agnostic Front Shatterproof + Earn Your Scars Copenhagen, DEN 09/07/2011 PP
Airbourne Enforcer + Black Spiders Birmingham, UK 10/12/2010 EW
Alberta Cross The Candles Copenhagen, DEN 25/06/2013 TL
Alcest Birds In Row + Kælan Mikla Copenhagen, DEN 15/02/2020 AP
Alcest Ides of Gemini + Lake of Blood + Destroy Judas Long Beach, USA 15/04/2012 MGA
Alcest Hexvessel + The Fauns Copenhagen, DEN 30/01/2014 MST
Alesana We Came As Romans + Iwrestedabearonce + Glamour Of The Kill Copenhagen, DEN 01/02/2012 TL
Alesana Fall From Grace Copenhagen, DEN 21/05/2009 TL
Alestorm Skálmöld + Bootyard Bandits Århus, DEN 14/03/2019 RUB


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