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author PP date 28/12/06 venue Stengade 30, Copenhagen, DEN

Just a few days after Christmas, dutch metallers Born From Pain took some time off of their holidays to come over to Denmark to play a show at the tiny but cozy venue Stengade 30 near the heart of Copenhagen, not too far away from where the youth-riots from a few weeks ago took place. It was guaranteed to be loud, especially when the band had decided to bring along an even more massively loud Danish band The Burning, but I don't think anyone's ears were prepared to take sound levels that blasted out of the speakers moments after they arrived at the venue.

The Burning

The Burning, a Danish band, started off their show generally alright. There was some movement from the band, and their lead singer was the kind of man you would feel uneasy to meet alone on a dark street. He was big, bold and aggressive, and by the sounds of his intense growling/screaming, he was pissed off as well. It's always difficult to judge a band when you're hearing them for the first time ever, but this is even harder when you experience it in a live environment. I had been fortunate enough to listen to one or two tracks on an online stream the night before, but obviously I wasn't going to remember these songs today. The band was louder than any band I've ever witnessed live - perhaps just because of the sound levels - as standing next to the speaker was pure torture to the ears. The lack of all things melody combined with the utter sense of 'I've seen this all before' contributed to my decision of watching only about two songs of the band before returning to the bar and ignoring the rest of their set. The Burning needs to seriously work on their live appearance if they want to attract new fans just on the basis of their live show.


Born From Pain

But Born From Pain, tonight's headliners, weren't much better either. The sheer generic-ness of their album "War" shined through their live show more visibly and audibly than ever before, even if I had hoped for it to grow into better scales once performed live. Standard vocalist running from side to side with microphone, screaming his lungs out? Check. Simultaneous headbanging? Check. While this isn't necessarily bad, as hardcore bands like Misery Signals demonstrate live by doing the same, Born From Pain's set lacked that special factor that would've made me interested in the band at all. Sure, there were a few members of the crowd going crazy in a mosh pit, but for a person who isn't a big fan of their album, the band offered absolutely nothing more on top of the album. Omitting their best track "Relentless" isn't going down my throat nicely either, as instead the band played a couple of distortion-filled old hardcore songs and a few others like "Behind Enemy Lines" from "War". Is this review biased, then? Yes, heavily, but sometimes you can't help it if you just can't find anything about a band that pushes the right buttons for you, consequently making the review shorter than it should be.


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