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author TL date 05/05/06 venue Kulturfabrikken, Nykøbing F, DEN

Okay, before I kick this review off, I’m gonna apologize for 1: Posting this review so late and 2: Forgetting my camera at home, and thus being unable to post any photos for you. So now that we’ve got the “Tim is a fool”-part all settled, we can move on with the actual review…

“Kulturfabrikken” in Nykøbing F. is a venue out in the backwaters of provincial Denmark that seems a lot larger than it is. The fact that it’s got a high ceiling and an actual stage easily makes you forget about how the actual floor-area is really quite small. So anyway, what I’m trying to say is that this venue is larger than the karaoke stand at your local pub, but that’s about it. This is by no means a problem though, seeing as the location of it makes sure only locals come here, and being some way from the big city, the amount of people into gigs is quite small. This makes sure Kulturfabrikken is rarely sold out, and this is also hardly the case this night. I’d guess about 70-80 people found their way here, but mood is alright anyway, the doors open at 9 pm and at approximately 10 pm the first band takes the stage.

Most people are busy at the bar or in the lobby when pop-rockers “Splendid” from Aarhus take the stage. Apart from having a single in rotation in Danish radio station “P3” they are pretty much an unknown band, and everyone present seems to back this up. The four guys and the female singer deliver their smooth and straightforward songs without making to much of a ruckus. No one present seem to pay too much attention to the band, but small applauses are however given on occasion. Despite some attempts from vocalist Kirsten to convince the audience to come closer, nothing ever goes on in front of the stage, and this is actually a shame, because Splendid’s display is by no means a bad one. The sound was close to perfect and it was hard not to be impressed by Kirsten’s voice. All in all, in spite of Splendid not making any real mistakes, the bands song material and live performance didn’t really make any noteworthy impression, and thus can hardly deserve more than an average grading

Around 11:30 pm the main act is ready to make an appearance. Rock Hard Power Spray goes on stage, and people start moving towards the stage. Still, no more than around 20 people are standing in the front, so at this point it seems as a slow night for the energetic punk-rockers. Any fears of a slowed down show disappear at once though, as RHPS assaults the crowd full on with “It’s a fix”. No person in the front need any further invitation to start jumping around, since this is clearly what people have come here for. Mood goes up, and the band seems happy and up for the job despite the lacking size of the crowd. They go through a portion of songs from their debut album “Commercial Suicide” (among others “Michella”, “Fucks for free” and “Nicoteen”). Between the songs frontman Mattias Hundebøll is joking happily with the crowd like it was any other night and we get to hear a few remarks on local dialects and soccer teams. About three quarters through the show, the band introduces two new songs, and while I didn’t catch the names I can tell you, that the songs sound like more of the same raw, straightforward and energetic punk’n’roll we already know and love these guys for. After this the band does a few more songs of Commercial Suicide, leaves the stage and of course comes back for an encore despite the quite puny calls the rather small crowd is able to produce. As has become custom during RHPS shows, the whole thing ends with people invading the stage, dancing around between the bandmembers and everybody just having a good time.

Despite the more or less volunteered intimacy of the show, Rock Hard Power Spray came, saw and delivered the show they’re known for, and I think anyone present would say they got what they came for. As usual the band didn’t make any noticeable mistakes, and the only thing that really spoke against this show was the lack of people attending, limiting the reaches of the party. Good show from a good band with the future definitely lying at their feet


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