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author PP date 09/12/11 venue BETA, Copenhagen, DEN

The premiere edition of our All Killer - No Filler club nights was intended to take place a week earlier at the Blindside show, but the band cancelled due to internal differences, and hence the event had to be moved. Luckily, Scarred By Beauty presented an ideal opportunity a week later with their final show of 2011, a glorious celebration of the band's breakthrough year both nationally and internationally, and one that packed BETA to its near-limits.


The opening honors were given to Copenhagen based melodic death metallers Nembience, whose modern taken on the Gothenburg genre has received limited acclaim in magazines across the web. Tonight, their set suffers extensively from a muddy sound. The vocals, which aren't exactly varied to start out with, sound completely monotonous, and it is difficult to make out the ripping leads that the band has plenty of in their repertoire. It's a shame, because they have a number of really catchy riffs and great melodies that would slay with a better sound. The band puts on a decent show nonetheless, making most of the small stage, which is received well by the audience that engages in a small pit for the duration of the set. Rumour has it that someone even broke their nose during the festivities. The second half of their set sees the quality of songs improve significantly, highlighting the fact that Nembience only have a debut album out so far, and therefore don't necessarily have too much quality material to play around with just yet. Still, there was nothing decidedly wrong with their show, they merely suffered from horrid sound and a light show far too dark for their own good.

A ton of airtime tonight by Scarred By Beauty

Scarred By Beauty

Both the sound and the lighting are fixed for Scarred By Beauty, who start their set with their backs facing the audience as they build up to an awesome explosion of energy, ambient melody, and zig-zagging riffs whilst throwing themselves around the stage in a display of prominence usually only attained by bands of international caliber. And if there's one thing Scarred By Beauty underline tonight, it's that they are ready for their international breakthrough, as their live show has all the qualities attributed to shows by experienced international bands stopping by. They are simply miles better than your average Danish metal band tonight. The experience from their European tours shows, as the band's vocalist controls the audience with a commanding hardcore stance, inciting circle pits, mosh pits, and everyone in the crowd to jump up and down in cooperation with the band. "It can get crazier," he shouts after just two songs which have already given the band great momentum, and it sure does.

The venue is packed to its limits, if not outright sold out, and what is unfolding in front of us is a show of enormous energy and skill, as the band's progressive hardcore sounds more destructive than ever, while the lingering ambient melodies are spot on as a contrasting point. They take great advantage of the intimate surroundings, with the vocalist leaning down from the stage to scream to the eager faces of their fans, who send an overwhelming response back at the band for songs like "A Million Metaphors" and later, "Indika". It's all very tight and passionate, making it clear that SBB are experiencing live what everyone is thinking after the show: this was very likely the best SBB show on Danish soil to date.


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