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In the middle of next week COPENHELL will open its gates to a dedicated crowd of metal heads all gathering together for a festival that is slowly but surely becoming the premiere metal festival in the Nordics thanks to its all-encompassing focus on metal and all its elements. It's one of our favorite events each year here at HQ, and we're just about as psyched about it as everyone else you've been talking to in recent weeks. Here, we take a quick look at some of the bands that fall into the DON'T MISS category, and tell you a little bit about what to expect from this year's edition.

From what we've heard, the festival has sold the highest quantity of tickets in their short history, and although it is not in danger of selling out just yet, it promises to be a packed and loud-as-fuck atmosphere around the main stage especially for the Iron Maiden headlining performance this year.


It all takes place in an area that's just about as metal as it gets: the barren industrial landscapes of Refshaleøen area, where massive concrete buildings overshadow an asphalt covered area that's going to house the three stages Hades, Helviti, and Pandæmonium, all named after underworld mythology in ancient Greek and Norse cultures.

And to supplement the gates of hell, the entire festival site has been designed with the metal sub culture in its mind. Whether you wish to smash printers and cars to bits with a sledgehammer, or desire to throw around some axes or swords, sleep in a coffin, or to headbang your brains out in the enormous beer garden, COPENHELL is sure to cater for your metal needs in every imaginable way and beyond.

Because, it wouldn't be COPENHELL without some rain, right?

So let us all look forward to three days and nights drenched in beer (be it The Trooper brand or otherwise), vodka, fire, thunder, explosions, and the best that this summer's metal tours have to offer next week.


* Trap Them @ 20:00 Thursday on Pandæmonium: Aggressive blackened hardcore inspired metal. They tour very rarely, so this is a unique chance to get your Converge inspired fix of chaos and insanity. Listen on Bandcamp.

Amenra - photo credit j.opdekamp

* Amenra @ 01:30 Thursday on Pandæmonium: COPENHELL takes a chance with super down-tempo doom/sludge, perfect for the darkness and chaos past midnight on Thursday. Headbang slowly via Soundcloud.

* Clutch @ 23:00 Thursday on Hades: Beer-infused sludge rock/metal for Down and Corrosion Of Conformity fans. Get a preview of what to expect from AP's live review from last year.

Taake - photo credit

* Taake @ 23:00 Thursday on Pandæmonium: Get ready to meet the devil himself. Probably the one concert where it's not only acceptable but expected to chant SATAN! SATAN! SATAN! and contemplate burning churches to the tunes of True Norwegian Black Metal. AP says their shrieks sound like "hell itself spat them out".

* Watain @ 23:30 Friday on Hades: If cult underground black metal could go mainstream, Watain would be it. They'll bring an impressive scene show full of pyrotechnics, fire, explosions and much else to accompany their shrieks and tremolo riffing.

* Suicide Silence @ 21:30 Friday on Helviti: Representing deathcore with a new singer finally replacing the old one who died tragically a couple of years ago. Deathcore for the big stages.

* Black Book Lodge @ 14:00 Thursday on Pandæmonium: One of the most promising Danish metal bands in a long while gets to showcase their Mastodon-influenced sounds to the biggest crowd yet.


* D-A-D @ 01:00 Friday on Helviti: Celebrating 30 years together and playing their classic album "No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims" from start to finish for the first time ever. Danish rock history being written right here.

* Sepultura @ 19:00 Thursday on Helviti: because macho thrash metal with evil twists and rapid-fire execution is awesome with or without the original Cavalera brothers.

* Arch Enemy @ 20:00 Wednesday on Hades: Some of the best classic melodeath around, and Angela Gossow has been replaced by an even hotter version so all you metal heads have someone to feast your eyes on.

Twisted Sister - photo credit Twisted Sister

* Twisted Sister @ 00:00 Thursday on Helviti: For all your classic cheese rock songs from the 80s. Admit it, even the true Norwegian black metallers are going to be singing along to "I Wanna Rock" come midnight on Thursday.

* Graveyard @ 19:00 Friday on Helviti: Your soul draws towards the 70s and 80s bluesy rock'n'roll songs, back when music was real and played from the heart? Graveyard's heritage rock takes you straight back to Zeppelin days.

* Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats @ 20:30 Friday on Hades: BV has been raving about the psychedelia of the 70s styled occult doom rockers Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats for a while now. Those who attended their show at Pumpehuset know it's going to be excellent.

Iron Maiden - photo credit Iron Maiden

* Iron Maiden @ 21:00 Wednesday on Helviti: Because you would've crucified me if I hadn't included the biggest heavy/power metal legends in the world.

* Of Mice & Men @ 18:00 Wednesday on Pandæmonium: Just to see how awkward it'll be for a post-hardcore band in front of this crowd.

* The Psyke Project @ 00:15 Wednesday on Pandæmonium: Unquestionably the best live band in Denmark will make sure nothing is remaining of the stage for Thursday and Friday.


You'll be sorry if you won't at least try releasing your testosterone at the sledge-hammer area to take revenge against all of those paper jams your printer has put you through in the past. It's a rush and surprisingly addictive to be bashing away at office equipment and vehicles.

BAPHOMET vodka - exclusively at COPENHELL

Copenhell brewed vodka BAPHOMET is only available at the festival - 66.6% vodka brewed in a goat skull for exactly 66 days and 6 minutes. Can you seriously claim to be a metal head and not try it at least once?

Bring bathing shorts - and try the viking sauna. A relaxing way to rest your mind and your ears from the thunderous metal you'll be hearing all along.

DJ AP of fame: 21:30 on Friday @ Beer Garden - photo credit: Kenny Swan

AP's DJ set on Friday between 21:30 and 23:30 at the Beer Garden. A collection of some of the best metal songs out there that has been in preparation for weeks now.

Other than that, remember to drink a shit ton of beers, see all the bands, try all the extra stuff that the festival offers, and most of all, STAY METAL.

See you at Refshaleøen next week. PP

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