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Everyone loves lists. They convey a great amount of interesting information in a quick glance. At this time of year, lists are in. Shopping lists, wish lists, guest lists, you name it. And of course lists that hopelessly try to summarize an entire year's worth of music from a wide variety of genres in a ranked order. The latter are what we here at specialize in, usually receiving confused looks and voices of concern for our mental well-being once our opinions are out in public scrutiny. So we figured that in 2011, we'll ask some other people who might know better: a number of well-known and up-and-coming bands from the local scene. So in the coming weeks, you'll see a series of like-minded articles shaped as lists every couple of days as we go through the Danish music scene to discover what they thought were the ten best albums in 2011. Oh, and don't worry - you won't be cheated from our misguided and thinly veiled lists of favoritism either. Those are coming as well.

The next band we've decided to put on the spot are The 20Belows. They have long been the flagship band in Danish punk rock with the ability to tour consistently outside of Denmark, boasting several US tours underneath their belt as well as numerous European tours. We're hearing little birds sing that they are gearing up to release a new album in 2012, a follow-up to the brilliant "For Better Days", but before we get ahead of ourselves, let's hear what Peter, the self-proclaimed "emo kid in The 20Belows", thought were the best albums released in 2011. In his own words: "It's so hard to put music into lists. But here's my take on 10 good albums I've listened too throughout the year. Dont be surprised by all the cool emo stuff:) I am the emo kid in THE 20BELOWS. The other guys know!".

Peter's (The 20Belows) Top 10

note that the albums are in no particular ranked order.

Face To Face - Laugh Now Laugh Later

A pleasant comeback for the veterans. Liked it at first listen.

Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room - Hurricane Season

A must have for every Alkaline Trio fan. Andriano to me has stood out as the better songwriter on recent AT albums. Not saying anything bad about Skiba, but this album is great

Tony Sly - Sad Bear

Being a huge NUFAN fan I would buy this no matter what (I think). The album has continued to grow on me through several listens.

New Found Glory - Radiosurgery

Fuck Yeah. Been a while since I cared for this band. Great, catchy album that reminds me of being on tour in 2001.

Hawthorne Heights - HATE (ep)

I should move to the States and get it on with all my fellow kids in crime. I like this. Cool lyrics, some screaming here and there. If only i was 19 again

Taking Back Sunday - Taking Back Sunday

Not the best one from the Reunited lineup. It does however hold enough great choruses that give me goosebumps.

Emscherkurve 77 - Dat Soll Punkrock Sein

Learned about this band while on tour. German punk is great. Something about the language. I really sense how much fun the guys have with their music. A fun and good record.

Bob Wayne - Outlaw Carnie

Not only did BW play one of the years best shows in Copenhagen. Album is good too. Great backing band. Good Times

The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules

Even though TGUK will never sound like 1999 again (Something To Write Home About) it's a band that I will always give a listen. Underneath the fuzz and noise there is a nice record.

Frenzal Rhomb - Smoko At The Pet Food Factory

16 songs in 20something minutes. Catchy as hell and played in a way that would leave TOTO embarrassed (probably not) but these dudes can PLAY. A 2011 favourite!

Peter's Comment

“A lot of great shows we're played in Copenhagen. Both by foreigners (I actually attended Journey and Foreigner earlier this year:)) and bands within our own somewhat small underground punk/hardcore scene. I havent listened to Danish Radio P3 once intentionally this year. I have a feeling I will display what is HIP on the outside world. I'd rather not learn. So to everybody involved in playing, booking, writing and attending music. KEEP IT REAL."

Check back in a couple of days for the top 10 from another prominent Danish band.

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