Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Mogwai Every Country's Sun 13/10/2017 LL 7
The Mountain Goats Goths 15/10/2017 LL 7
Big Thief Capacity 19/10/2017 LL
Leprous Malina 02/11/2017 LL
Fugleflugten Bølgevækker EP 09/11/2017 LL 8
PVRIS All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell 10/11/2017 LL
Enter Shikari The Spark 06/12/2017 LL
Kellermensch Goliath 05/01/2018 LL 8
Julien Baker Turn Out The Lights 06/01/2018 LL 9
Wang Wen Sweet Home, Go! 17/01/2018 LL 8
Steven Wilson To The Bone 28/02/2018 LL 7
Tonight Alive Underworld 17/03/2018 LL 4
And So I Watch You From Afar The Endless Shimmering 13/04/2018 LL
Odd Palace Things To Place On The Moon 25/05/2018 LL 8
Plini Sunhead EP 31/07/2018 LL
The Minds of 99 Solkongen 23/12/2018 LL
Death Cab For Cutie Thank You For Today 09/02/2019 LL
Polyenso Year of the Dog EP 20/02/2019 LL
Pedro the Lion Phoenix 28/03/2019 LL
Town Portal Of Violence 04/04/2019 LL 8
This Glass Embrace The Light That Shines Into Our Graves 01/03/2014 LF 8
The Exploding Boy Four 01/03/2014 LF
Neck Deep Wishful Thinking 31/01/2014 LF 8
August Burns Red Rescue & Restore 30/07/2013 LF
Hawthorne Heights Zero 30/07/2013 LF
Skillet Rise 30/07/2013 LF 7
The Almost Fear Inside Our Bones 08/08/2013 LF
Secrets Fragile Figures 12/08/2013 LF
The Safety Fire Mouth of Swords 03/09/2013 LF 9
Tonight Alive The Other Side 09/09/2013 LF 7
The Used The Ocean of the Sky EP 16/09/2013 LF 5
Taxit No Water To Wine 23/09/2013 LF 6
Asking Alexandria From Death To Destiny 01/10/2013 LF
War Torn Angel Depth/Distance EP 20/10/2013 LF
Let It Happen Unravel EP 21/10/2013 LF 6
The New Varsity Running Out of Time 18/11/2013 LF
Save Ends Warm Hearts, Cold Hands 26/12/2013 LF 8
Self Defense Family You Are Beneath Her EP 27/12/2013 LF 5
Through Colour Somnium EP 31/12/2013 LF
Versus Angels We're Only Human EP 04/01/2014 LF
The Defiled Daggers 07/01/2014 LF 7
Breached Left Behind EP 09/01/2014 LF
Phoenix Calling Waves EP 18/01/2014 LF
Blindfold Neurosis: Origins EP 16/02/2014 LF 4
Louis London On Your Lips We Roared EP 16/02/2014 LF 8
Ever Since Bring Out The Gimp 16/02/2014 LF
Animus Fall of the Elite EP 02/03/2014 LF
Intervals A Voice Within 03/03/2014 LF
Divided Heaven Youngblood 27/03/2014 LF 7
Mire Inward/Outward 27/03/2014 LF 6


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