Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Can't Swim Someone Who Isn't Me EP 23/01/2021 PP
Deftones Ohms 25/01/2021 PP
Laura Jane Grace Stay Alive 26/01/2021 PP 8
Knuckle Puck 20/20 26/01/2021 PP
Neck Deep All Distortions Are Intentional 26/01/2021 PP 5
F.O.D. Sleepville 30/01/2021 PP 8
Jeff Rosenstock NO DREAM 30/01/2021 PP 9
IDLES Ultra Mono 05/02/2021 PP
The Used Heartwork 06/02/2021 PP 7
The Hold Steady Thrashing Thru The Passion 06/02/2021 PP
The Dirty Nil Fuck Art 15/02/2021 PP
Daze Of June Tainted Blood 17/02/2021 PP 7
Kill The Rooster And Then What Happened Was... EP 17/02/2021 PP 8
No Year So Long 18/02/2021 PP
Burnt Tapes Grower EP 18/02/2021 PP 8
Foo Fighters Medicine At Midnight 27/02/2021 PP
Terror Trapped In A World 27/02/2021 PP 6
Yung Ongoing Dispute 27/02/2021 PP
Weezer OK Human 27/02/2021 PP
You Me At Six SUCKAPUNCH 27/02/2021 PP
Rest Easy Sick Day EP 02/03/2021 PP
The Hold Steady Open Door Policy 02/03/2021 PP 9
Ship Thieves Irruption 16/03/2021 PP
NOFX Single Album 16/03/2021 PP 9
Ghost Iris Apple Of Discord 16/03/2021 PP 8
Invektiv Bleach Solves Most Of My Problems EP 16/03/2021 PP
Teenage Wrist Earth Is A Black Hole 17/03/2021 PP
Glitterer Life Is Not A Lesson 18/03/2021 PP
Dizzy Bats Dizzy Bats 26/03/2021 PP 7
Oh The Humanity! Oh The Humanity! 26/03/2021 PP 6
DeeCRACKS Serious Issues 26/03/2021 PP 7
The Dangerous Summer Mother Nature 27/03/2021 PP 8
Tigers Jaw I Won't Care How You Remember Me 27/03/2021 PP
Five Finger Death Punch F8 27/03/2021 PP 8
Torche Admission 27/03/2021 PP 8
Stöj Snak Life, Death And Everything In Between 27/03/2021 PP 8
Toska Fall It Falls Apart EP 28/03/2021 PP
A Day To Remember You're Welcome 14/04/2021 PP 6
The Spill Canvas Conduit 14/04/2021 PP
Really From Really From 14/04/2021 PP
Cruel Hand Dark Side Of The Cage EP 17/04/2021 PP 6
Chevelle NIRATIAS 17/04/2021 PP 7
The Queers Save The World 17/04/2021 PP
Nonagon They Birds 17/04/2021 PP 3
Odd Palace One Step Closer 17/04/2021 PP
Down By Law Lonely Town 17/04/2021 PP
Chaser Dreamers 18/04/2021 PP 8
The Fall Of Troy Mukiltearth 20/04/2021 PP
The Offspring Let The Bad Times Roll 02/05/2021 PP
Dropkick Murphys Turn Up That Dial 02/05/2021 PP


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