Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Climb it Baby! Before Sunrise EP 31/05/2014 HES 9
Jaya The Cat More Late Night Transmissions With... 01/06/2014 HES
The GoAround Restating the Question 01/06/2014 HES
Passenger Whispers 28/06/2014 HES
Powersolo The Real Sound 29/06/2014 HES
Brave Bird T-minus Grand Gesture EP 29/06/2014 HES 4
Wall-Eyed I Wanna Wreck Yer Car EP 29/06/2014 HES
My Double, My Brother Infinite Line EP 01/08/2014 HES
The Public Shibuya Crossing EP 01/08/2014 HES
Stu Larsen Vagabond 01/08/2014 HES
Bleachers Strange Desire 01/08/2014 HES
First Aid Kit Stay Gold 01/09/2014 HES 8
Owl John Owl John 01/09/2014 HES
Foster The People Supermodel 01/09/2014 HES
Michael Cera true that 01/09/2014 HES 4
The Kooks Listen 01/10/2014 HES
Chorus Grant Space 01/10/2014 HES
Cancer Ragazzi 01/10/2014 HES 8
The White Album The Quiet Strum 01/10/2014 HES 6
The Woody Crushburn Coming Around 15/10/2014 HES
Nelson Can Now Is Your Time To Deliver 23/11/2014 HES
Sleep Party People Floating 25/11/2014 HES
Tesla Simplicity 25/11/2014 HES 5
Morrissey World Peace Is None of Your Business 25/11/2014 HES
Walk The Moon Talking Is Hard 30/11/2014 HES 8
Ten Percenter I Could Never Say 30/11/2014 HES
Pseudo Shark Couches 30/11/2014 HES 8
Spoon They Want My Soul 29/12/2014 HES 7
TV On the Radio Seeds 29/12/2014 HES 7
Accents Small Tales 29/12/2014 HES
Eels The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett 29/12/2014 HES
Workers In Songs That Glorious Masterpiece 29/01/2015 HES 4
From Indian Lakes Absent Sounds 15/02/2015 HES 9
To Kill A King To Kill A King 06/03/2015 HES
The Grenadines The Grenadines 06/03/2015 HES 5
Spidergawd Spidergawd II 06/03/2015 HES 8
Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors 12/03/2015 HES 5
The Attic Sleepers Lanquin EP 26/03/2015 HES
Knifight V EP 31/03/2015 HES 6
Rain City Rockers Anime EP 31/03/2015 HES 2
Ghost of Belle Starr Ghost of Belle Starr EP 31/03/2015 HES 7
The Megaphonic Thrift Sun Stare Sound 01/04/2015 HES 5
Chaos Divine Colliding Skies 09/04/2015 HES 6
Waxahatchee Ivy Tripp 19/05/2015 HES
Lord Huron Strange Trails 12/06/2015 HES
Dividided By Numbers Divided By Numbers EP 24/06/2015 HES 5
Virgin Suicide Virgin Suicide 25/06/2015 HES 7
Milo's Planes Aural Palate Cleaning Exercises 25/06/2015 HES 7
Of Monsters And Men Beneath The Skin 25/06/2015 HES
Plain White T's American Nights 14/07/2015 HES 4


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