Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
A Backward Glance On A Travel Road A Backward Glance On A Travel Road 04/10/2009 DR
A Band Of Orcs Warchiefs Of The Apocalypse 18/12/2010 PP 3
A Bullet For Pretty Boy Revision:Revise 12/04/2011 BL s
A Dark Orbit Voyager EP 18/03/2009 AP 7
A Day To Remember Bad Vibrations 28/12/2016 PP
A Day To Remember Common Courtesy 11/10/2013 JWM 9
A Day To Remember Homesick 12/02/2009 PP 7
A Day To Remember What Separates Me From You 29/12/2010 BL
A Day To Remember You're Welcome 14/04/2021 PP 6
A Deeper Dreed Masquerade 22/06/2011 PP 4
A Dream Too Late Intermission To The Moon 02/12/2007 DY 5
A Drop Dead Star It's Not Jacket Weather Anymore EP 08/11/2007 DY 5
A Girl A Ghost A Gun Through The Eyes Of Ahab 22/01/2009 PP 6
A Great Big Pile Of Leaves You're Always On My Mind 02/09/2013 JWM 6
A Heartwell Ending Trust Us, We Lie 09/10/2006 PP
A Hero A Fake Let Oceans Lie 10/03/2010 PP
A Hero A Fake The Future Again 27/11/2012 PP 7
A Hero A Fake Volatile 07/12/2008 PP 7
A Hole Inside Steps We Have To Follow 06/04/2010 TL
A Hole Inside The Face Of Ignorance EP 11/01/2011 TL
A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man Escape Escape 26/06/2015 AP 6
A Hound Ensemble A Hound Ensemble 10/06/2013 PP
A Kid Hereafter Rich Freedom Flavour 12/04/2007 PP 7
A Kid Hereafter YO! 17/10/2008 CR 9
A Kid Hereafter In The Grinding Light A Kid Hereafter... 06/02/2008 PP 8
A Life Once Lost A Great Artist (Reissue) 27/12/2006 PP 6
A Life Once Lost Iron Gag 14/10/2007 PP
A Life [Divided] Passenger 24/01/2011 PP 6
A Loss For Words Before It Caves 08/11/2013 TL
A Loss For Words No Sanctuary 17/01/2012 TL 8
A Lot Like Birds Conversation Piece 12/11/2011 TL 9
A Lot Like Birds DIVISI 30/05/2017 TL
A Lot Like Birds No Place 21/12/2013 TL 9
A Lot Like Birds Plan B 10/08/2010 TL
A Love Ends Suicide In The Disaster 23/08/2006 AP 5
A New Day Forever Tonight EP 01/08/2014 LF 5
A New Way To Trust Never Grow Old, Never Die EP 21/01/2006 KS 7
A Pale Horse Named Death Lay My Soul To Waste 11/09/2013 PP
A Perfect Circle Eat The Elephant 11/12/2018 PP
A Place Called Here A Place Called Here (demo) 12/08/2008 PP 8
A Place to Bury Strangers Transfixiation 09/03/2015 BV 7
A Plea For Purging Depravity 10/06/2009 BL 7
A Plea For Purging The Marriage of Heaven and Hell 07/02/2011 BL
A Poetic Yesterday A Little South Of Zero 03/10/2008 MR 7
A Road To Damascus A Road To Damascus 01/09/2011 TL
A Road To Damascus In Retrospect 21/08/2014 TL 7
A Road To Damascus So Damn Close EP 02/03/2010 TL 7
A Room Swept White No Love Lost EP 27/01/2015 PP
A Sequence Of Ghosts A Sequence Of Ghosts 05/08/2010 BL 6
A Skylit Drive Adelphia 19/06/2009 TL 6


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