Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Yuppie Pricks Balls 30/08/2008 PP 6
Yung These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores EP 09/01/2016 PP
Yung Ongoing Dispute 27/02/2021 PP
Yung Falter 28/01/2015 PP
Yung A Youthful Dream 12/02/2017 PP 7
Yuck Yuck 27/03/2011 TL 7
Yuck Glow And Behold 28/11/2013 TL 6
Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson 09/05/2010 DR 8
Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson Small Changes We Hardly Notice EP 10/01/2013 DR 8
Youth Fountain Letter To Our Former Selves 29/01/2020 PP 8
Youth Fountain Keepsakes & Reminders 25/12/2021 PP 7
Youth Dekay Goodbye Cruel World EP 26/04/2009 TL 4
Yourcodenameis:Milo They Came From The Sun 27/06/2007 PP
Your Vegas A Town Of Two Cities 23/05/2008 TL
Your Memorial Redirect 07/01/2013 PP
Your Memorial Atonement 16/01/2011 PP 7
Your Highness City In Ruins 23/02/2015 AP
Your Demise The Kids We Used To Be 02/11/2010 PP
Your Demise The Golden Age 12/05/2012 PP 7
Your Demise Ignorance Never Dies 28/03/2009 BL
Your Demise Cold Chillin' EP 07/02/2013 PP
Young Youth What I'm Calling Home These Days EP 23/04/2012 TL
Young Widows In And Out Of Youth And Lightness 20/07/2011 PP
Young Turks Where I Rise EP 24/12/2013 PP 7
Young Turks Where I Lie 08/01/2013 PP 7
Young The Giant Young The Giant 13/06/2011 TL
Young The Giant Mind Over Matter 29/01/2014 TL 7
Young Statues Young Statues 09/04/2012 TL 7
Young Hollywood Shotdown EP 08/02/2008 PP 6
Young Guns Ones And Zeros 12/06/2015 TL 6
Young Guns Echoes 30/10/2016 TL
Young Guns Bones 14/03/2012 TL 8
Young Guns All Our Kings Are Dead 01/08/2010 TL
Young English I Hate My Friends EP 18/04/2012 TL 8
You, Me, And Everyone We Know Dogged EP 22/03/2015 TL 8
You'll Live Lost. Forgotten. Abandoned. Buried EP 03/02/2014 PP 7
You Win Again Gravity Let Go Lightly EP 31/12/2014 LF
You Vandal Pretend I Don't Exist 23/03/2022 PP
You Me At Six SUCKAPUNCH 27/02/2021 PP
You Me At Six Sinners Never Sleep 06/11/2011 TL 8
You Me At Six Night People 23/01/2017 TL 6
You Me At Six Hold Me Down 02/02/2010 TL 8
You Me At Six Cavalier Youth 22/01/2014 TL 7
You Me At Six Take Off Your Colours 11/11/2008 TL 9
You Had Me At Hello Take It Off EP 13/07/2012 PP
You Blew It! Pioneer of Nothing EP 24/03/2015 PP
You Blew It! Keep Doing What You're Doing 16/01/2014 TL 6
You Ate My Dog Like Torches 24/03/2011 PP
Yob Clearing the Path to Ascend 02/09/2014 EW
Yo La Tengo Fade 26/01/2013 TL 7


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