Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
We Are Fiction We Are Fiction 17/12/2009 BL 8
We Are The Damned Holy Beast 09/09/2011 PP 6
We Are The In Crowd Best Intentions 25/10/2011 TL
We Are The In Crowd Guaranteed To Disagree EP 21/01/2011 TL 7
We Are The In Crowd Weird Kids 03/03/2014 PP 6
We Are The Ocean ARK 12/04/2015 TL 7
We Are The Ocean Cutting Our Teeth 03/02/2010 DR 6
We Are The Ocean Go Now And Live 01/06/2011 TL
We Are The Ocean Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow 07/11/2012 TL
We Are The Union You Can't Hide The Sun 24/01/2013 PP
We Butter The Bread With Butter Das Monster Aus Dem Schrank 05/05/2009 PP 5
We Came As Romans To Plant A Seed 04/02/2010 BL
We Came As Romans Tracing Back Roots 02/09/2013 JWM
We Came As Romans Understanding What We've Grown To Be 16/11/2011 AP
We Came As Romans We Came As Romans 05/01/2016 PP 7
We Leave at Midnight Terror Flora EP 26/10/2015 BV
We Never Learned To Live The Sleepwalk Transmissions 07/01/2020 KW 9
We Still Dream Chapters 06/06/2011 PP
We The Kings Smile Kid 13/01/2010 TL 6
We The Machine Dissenter 20/10/2013 BL
We Were Promised Jetpacks In The Pit Of The Stomach 22/10/2011 TL
We Were Promised Jetpacks These Four Walls 21/06/2009 TL 8
We Were Promised Jetpacks Unravelling 21/10/2014 TL 6
We Were Skeletons Blame & Aging 02/03/2013 PP 7
We Were Skeletons We Were Skeletons 24/11/2010 PP 7
We Will Fly Bangarang 02/11/2010 PP 7
We'll Go Machete Strong Drunk Hands 19/12/2011 PP 7
We're All Just Passing Through Bedroom Recordings Volume 1 06/10/2010 TL
We're Not Afraid Adventures In Poverty 02/03/2011 PP
We're Not Worthy Hit The Ground Running EP 08/05/2012 PP
We, The Undersigned Bleed The Constants 10/02/2010 AP 6
Weak Teeth What A Plague You Are 08/05/2012 PP
Weapon Embers and Revelations 25/11/2012 EW 8
Weapon From The Devil's Tomb 29/10/2010 EW
Wearing Scars A Thousand Words 01/02/2016 MBC 7
Weatherbox Flies In All Directions 23/07/2014 TL 8
Weatherbox Follow The Rattle Of The Afghan Guitar EP 12/01/2012 DR 7
Wecanwalkonwatertoo IDDQD EP 24/11/2013 MBC 7
Wednesday 13 Transylvania 90210 22/04/2005 MS 5
Weekend Jinx 05/10/2013 TL
Weekend Nachos Worthless 11/08/2011 PP
Weezer Everything Will Be Alright In The End 20/10/2014 TL 7
Weezer Hurley 12/10/2010 TL
Weezer Make Believe 12/05/2005 PP 6
Weezer OK Human 27/02/2021 PP
Weezer Pacific Daydream 07/03/2018 PP
Weezer Raditude 07/01/2010 TL
Weezer Weezer (The Red Album) 25/06/2008 TL 8
Weezer Weezer [The White Album] 10/05/2016 MIN 7
Weh Origins 26/01/2011 PP 7


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