Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
I The Breather Truth And Purpose 13/07/2012 PP
I The Mighty Connector 10/06/2015 TL 7
I The Mighty Karma Never Sleeps EP 05/06/2012 TL 8
I The Mighty Satori 26/07/2013 TL
I Used To Be A Sparrow Luke 12/12/2012 BV
I Used To Be A Sparrow You Are An Empty Artist 09/03/2013 BV 8
I Was A Hero Youth And Defeat EP 24/11/2012 TL
I'll Be Damned I'll Be Damned 13/01/2016 PP
I, The Lion Run EP 06/02/2015 TL
Ian Skelly Cut From A Star 13/10/2013 BV 8
Icarus The Owl Icarus The Owl 28/02/2014 HES 9
Icarus The Owl Love Always, Leviathan 23/08/2012 TL 8
Icarus The Owl Pilot Waves 16/12/2015 HES
Icarus The Owl Qualia EP 26/01/2011 TL 7
Icarus The Owl The Spotless Mind 29/08/2010 TL
Ice Ages Buried Silence 02/08/2008 PP 9
Ice Hockey Wavefunction Collapse 11/03/2015 TL
Ice Nine Kills Safe Is Just A Shadow 26/12/2010 BL
Ice Nine Kills The Burning EP 26/01/2008 PP 9
Ice Nine Kills The Predator Becomes The Prey 12/02/2014 PP 7
Ice Nine Kills The Predator EP 08/03/2013 IM 4
Iceage New Brigade 04/11/2011 PP 7
Iceage Plowing Into The Field Of Love 15/10/2014 PP
Iceage You're Nothing 10/03/2013 PP 8
Iced Earth Plagues Of Babylon 06/01/2014 AP 8
Iced Earth The Crucible of Man 30/08/2008 EW 7
Ichor Benthic Horizon 20/12/2011 PP
Icon In Me Human Museum 28/05/2009 TL
Ideophonic Where The Desert Ends 10/01/2013 BV
Idiot Pilot Wolves 20/11/2007 DY 9
Idle Class Of Glass And Paper 26/10/2015 PP
IDLES Brutalism 26/04/2017 MIN
IDLES Ultra Mono 05/02/2021 PP
Idlewild Everything Ever Written 24/02/2015 TL
Idols Are Dead Mean 23/09/2009 PP
If These Trees Could Talk Above The Earth, Below The Sky 05/01/2010 DR 9
IfIHadAHifi Fame By Proxy 27/05/2009 TL 4
IfIHadAHiFi Nada Surf EP 14/10/2011 TL 4
Iggy & The Stooges Ready To Die 23/06/2013 BV
Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression 26/03/2016 MIN 8
Ignite A War Against You 22/02/2016 PP
Ihsahn After 23/01/2010 GR 9
Ihsahn Arktis. 06/04/2016 AP
Ikuinen Kaamos Fall of Icons 28/05/2010 AP
Ill Niño Dead New World 31/12/2010 AP 8
Ill Niño Enigma 05/04/2008 PP 8
Ill Niño Epidemia 12/11/2012 SC 4
Ill Niño Till Death, La Familia 02/09/2014 MN
Illdisposed There Is Light (But It's Not For Me) 14/03/2011 MST
Illdisposed To Those Who Walk Behind Us 11/09/2009 PP


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