Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Frank Turner Rock & Roll EP 24/12/2010 PP 7
Frank Turner Tape Deck Heart 10/06/2013 PP 8
Franklin Zoo Franklin Zoo EP 31/10/2012 BV
Franklin Zoo Untamed 15/01/2014 BV
Frantic Amber Burning Insight 12/05/2015 MN 8
Franz Ferdinand Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action 16/09/2013 HES
Franz Ferdinand Tonight: Franz Ferdinand 29/01/2009 AP 8
Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better 30/10/2005 PP 9
Franz Nicolay St. Sebastian Of The Short Stage 25/01/2010 PP
Freckles Do You Like Me? EP 08/04/2017 LF
Freddy And The Phantoms Leaving The Landscape EP 12/12/2010 TL 7
Freddy And The Phantoms Times Of Division 18/12/2014 PP 8
Free Fall Power & Volume 16/05/2013 BV 7
Free Throw Lavender Town EP 08/09/2014 PP 7
Frenzal Rhomb Hi-Vis High Tea 24/08/2017 PP 8
Frenzal Rhomb Smoko At The Pet Food Factory 19/01/2012 PP
Fribytterdrømme Labyrintens Farver 02/05/2015 BV
Fribytterdrømme Superego 03/07/2017 BV 7
Fried Okra Band Back Into The River 14/10/2015 PP 4
Friends Of Friends Deep Search 10/12/2009 PP 8
Frightened Rabbit Painting of a Panic Attack 19/04/2016 HES 8
Frightened Rabbit Pedestrian Verse 20/03/2013 TL
Frightened Rabbit The Winter Of Mixed Drinks 21/12/2010 TL
From A City In Ruins Fin! Fin! Fin! 26/03/2011 TL
From A Second Story Window Delenda 06/01/2007 PP 5
From Autumn To Ashes Holding The Wolf By The Ears 17/04/2007 PP 8
From Autumn To Ashes These Speakers Don't Always Speak The Truth EP 14/03/2007 PP 7
From First To Last Dead Trees 10/05/2015 TL 5
From First To Last From First To Last 17/05/2008 TL 8
From First To Last Heroine 23/03/2006 PP 5
From First To Last Throne To The Wolves 13/04/2010 TL 7
From Hell Heresy EP 28/12/2013 PP 8
From Indian Lakes Absent Sounds 15/02/2015 HES 9
From Monument To Masses On Little Known Frequencies 25/03/2009 PP
From The Shores Until My Last Breath EP 09/02/2009 TL 6
From The Sidelines Everybody Loves A Comeback 05/12/2012 PP
Frontline Fire Breakeven 02/03/2012 TL
Frozen Dawn The Old Prophecy Of Winterland 12/09/2011 AP
Fu Manchu Clone Of The Universe 11/03/2018 AP 6
Fu Manchu Gigantoid 12/09/2014 BV 6
Fu Manchu Signs Of Infinite Power 08/11/2009 PP 4
Fuath II 09/04/2021 RUB 8
Fuck The Facts Desire Will Rot 01/02/2016 MBC 8
Fuck The Facts Die Miserable 14/12/2011 MGA 8
Fuck The Facts Disgorge, Mexico 17/08/2008 PP 7
Fuck The Facts Stigmata High Five 22/08/2006 PP
Fucked Up Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009 07/02/2010 PP
Fucked Up David Comes To Life 30/08/2011 PP 8
Fucked Up Dose Your Dreams 13/01/2019 PP
Fucked Up Glass Boys 14/07/2014 PP 9


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