Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Falling In Reverse Fashionably Late 03/10/2013 PP 3
Falling In Reverse Just Like You 09/03/2015 TL 3
Falloch Where Distant Spirits Remain 12/10/2011 DR 5
Fallstar Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter. 07/07/2011 DR
Fallujah The Flesh Prevails 31/12/2014 EL 4
Faltered Fortune Favours 22/08/2013 HES 3
Familiar Looking Strangers Familiar Looking Strangers EP 24/07/2014 MN
Family Lumber Look To The Sidelines EP 17/11/2011 DR
Famous Last Words Pick Your Poison EP 24/05/2012 PP 6
Famous Last Words Two-Faced Charade 31/05/2013 PP
Fang Island Fang Island 06/05/2010 DR
Fang Island Major 28/11/2012 DR 7
Far At Night We Live 17/08/2010 TL 8
Far Away From Fiji You've Come A Long Way 15/03/2013 HES
Far-Less A Toast To Bad Taste 13/02/2008 DY 7
Farewell Run It Up The Flagpole 06/10/2009 PP
Farewell Continental ¡Hey, Hey Pioneers! 19/06/2011 TL
Farewell To Freeway Filthy Habits 03/02/2011 PP 6
Farewell To Freeway Only Time Will Tell 16/06/2009 BL 6
Farmers Market Slav to the Rhythm 24/02/2013 BV
Fashion Week Prêt-á-Porter 09/06/2015 PP 6
Fastfade Happy If You Aren't 27/12/2018 MAK 8
Fastlane New Start 04/04/2005 PP 10
Fastlane Overdrive 12/04/2007 PP 7
Fat Wreck Chords Wrecktrospective 20/12/2009 PP 9
Fatal Embrace Dark Pounding Steel 09/11/2006 PP 6
Fatalist The Depths Of Inhumanity 21/12/2009 PP
Fate Vultures 04/06/2008 PP
Father John Misty I Love You, Honeybear 29/05/2016 MIN
Father John Misty Pure Comedy 30/05/2017 MIN
Fatherson I Am An Island 05/09/2014 TL
Fatherson Open Book 19/06/2016 TL
Faun Legacy Tales From A Happy Home EP 14/03/2015 PP 6
Fear Before Fear Before 05/12/2008 PP 6
Fear Before The March Of Flames The Always Open Mouth 14/11/2006 PP 8
Fear Factory Genexus 27/09/2015 PP 8
Fear Factory Mechanize 17/02/2010 PP
Fear Factory The Industrialist 23/08/2012 PP 8
Fear Factory Transgression 07/10/2005 PP 6
Fear Falls Burning Frenzy Of The Absolute 14/07/2008 PP 3
Fear Of Crime The Calculated Savagery EP 05/06/2011 PP
Fear The Sirens The Ruins We Used To Call Home 10/09/2013 PP
Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas All That We Have Now 05/12/2012 PP 8
Fearless Vampire Killers In Grandomina... EP 30/12/2010 TL 6
Fearless Vampire Killers Militia Of The Lost 17/11/2012 TL
Fearless Vampire Killers The Blood Never Dries EP 29/09/2011 TL
Featherweight Not Waving But Drowning EP 12/04/2011 DR
Fed Up 74 What To Do EP 25/10/2008 PP
Federal Unicorn Come Again 19/02/2014 PP 6
Feed Her To The Sharks Fortitude 17/03/2015 PP


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