Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Dawnshape Sparse Prism EP 04/12/2010 PP
Day Of The Sirens A Kiss From Nyx 14/03/2011 TL
Daycare For Jedi This Is What You Get 27/05/2017 PP
Daycare For Jedi Worst Things First EP 11/03/2015 PP
Daycare Swindlers Reradiate 28/10/2015 MAK 5
Daylight Jar 12/05/2013 PP
Daylight Sinking EP 25/01/2010 PP
Daylight The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams EP 29/03/2012 PP
Daylight Dies Lost To The Living 27/07/2008 PP
Days Away Mapping An Invisible World 12/05/2005 PP 8
Days Like Today We're Only Human EP 17/01/2015 TL 7
Days N Daze Show Me The Blueprints 25/11/2020 MAK 7
Days Of Anger Death Path 07/03/2011 PP
Dayseeker Origin 14/10/2015 PP 7
Dayseeker What It Means To Be Defeated 26/01/2014 BL 8
Dayshell Dayshell 25/12/2013 BL 8
Dayshell Nexus 04/12/2016 TL
Daytrader Last Days Of Rome EP 06/03/2011 TL
Daytrader Twelve Years 10/05/2012 TL
Daze Of June Heart Of Silver 14/08/2018 AP 7
Daze Of June Tainted Blood 17/02/2021 PP 7
De Forbandede De Forbandede 21/04/2017 BV
De Forbandede Den Evige Nat 28/12/2017 AP 8
De Høje Hæle Mund Til Mund 22/11/2013 PP
De Lirium's Order Veniversum 14/11/2012 MST
De Profundis A Bleak Reflection 09/05/2010 EW
De Profundis Frequencies (EP) 10/08/2014 EW 8
De Profundis The Emptiness Within 25/08/2012 EW 8
De Underjordiske Ind I Flammerne 03/09/2015 BV 9
Dead Ahead Dead Ahead EP 31/12/2015 PP
Dead And Divine Antimacy 21/12/2011 AP 8
Dead At The Scene Sharktopus 28/10/2010 BL 7
Dead By April Dead By April 13/06/2009 PP 7
Dead By April Incomparable 02/11/2011 PP
Dead By April Let The World Know 04/03/2014 PP 5
Dead End Story One For The Distant Shore EP 25/09/2013 JWM
Dead End Story The Next Thing EP 10/06/2012 PP 7
Dead Giveaway We Come In Pieces 27/05/2015 PP
Dead Hearts Bitter Verses 03/12/2006 PP 8
Dead Label Sense Of Slaughter 09/06/2012 PP 6
Dead Leaf Echo True.Deep.Sleeper EP 26/02/2014 BV
Dead Like Juliet Tempest 02/06/2016 MAK 7
Dead Lord Goodbye Repentance 21/04/2013 EW 7
Dead Man In Reno Dead Man In Reno 26/08/2006 AP 7
Dead Man's Hand Dead Man's Hand EP 31/12/2015 PP
Dead Poetic Vices 04/12/2006 PP 6
Dead Swans Sleepwalkers 14/08/2009 AP 7
Dead To Me African Elephants 16/11/2009 PP 6
Dead To Me Moscow Penny Ante 26/11/2011 PP
Deadend In Venice See You On The Ground 26/10/2011 PP 4


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