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Children Of Bodom are probably the least known melodic death metal act of Northern Europe but simultaneously also the best, depending on who you ask. Pretty much every release from the band has been approximately in the 8-9-10s range ever since the 1997 debut album \"Something Wild\", and the band continues that trend on their sixth studio album \"Blooddrunk\", easily their best album since 2000\'s \"Follow The Reaper\". This is Gothenburg metal in a Finnish way, or in other words, melodic death metal at its very best.

The Bodom lake warriors have once again evolved on \"Blooddrunk\", this time into a thrashier, speedier direction in comparison to their other albums, as the record is arguably the fastest the band has written to date.

Vocalist/Guitarist Alexi Laiho shreds like a motherfucker, throwing in amazing hooks and incredible solos, living up to the band\'s reputation of being some of the most technically proficient musicians around. Laiho plays some of his best solos on this record, and takes alternating turns with rhythm guitarist Latvala in a which guitarist is a better solo-ist contest. This both technically as well as in terms of awesomeness. Occasionally Bodom\'s trademark atmospheric keyboards join in the competition, battling against the guitars in a bizarre rivalry of instrumental Gods.

Speaking of keyboards, on \"Blooddrunk\" they are tuned to sound almost like a symphonic orchestra, giving an epic atmosphere to the songs that otherwise rely on pure shredding and metallic hooks. It is this marriage of death metal, symphonic metal and the core elements that makes \"Blooddrunk\" the most relevant Children of Bodom album to date, it\'s a release that today\'s youth will embrace wholeheartedly as the trend turns into heavier and heavier music.

This is of course helped by the fantastic songwriting of the Bodom guys. Although all vocals on the record are screamed and shrieked by Laiho and no clean vocals are present, the songs are immediately catchy, and the choruses are great and instantly memorable. That the band has chosen \"Banned From Heaven\" as a single is a great example of how good the tracks are on \"Blooddrunk\", because it\'s by far the weakest song on the CD, despite being a great song by itself. The variation is huge from song to song as well - the title track uses gang vocals in its chorus, while \"Done With Everything, Die For Nothing\" uses a ultra-melodic vocal style almost identical to another Finnish band Enter My Silence.

On \"Blooddrunk\", Children Of Bodom prove that they are as good songwriters as ever. The sheer melodic death metal approach has been focussed more towards a modern audience, which is done by integrating more melodic elements from the -core genres, though this is just barely enough to warrant noting it in this review. \"Blooddrunk\" is an album that any metal fan will find fantastic, whether it\'s the seemingly impossible solos, full-on aggressive death metal, or the memorable choruses you are looking for.


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Release date 15.04.2008
Spinefarm Records

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