Hate Eternal

Fury and Flames

Written by: AB on 17/04/2008 01:05:51

Finally! I get to review a death metal album here at Rockfreaks.net, and it\'s the newest from Hate Eternal no less! For those of you who don\'t know Hate Eternal, I\'ll give you a quick overview. They are the best death metal band of today (and I\'ll put them on the top 3 of all times). That was quick huh? Led by death metal master mind, producer and guitar monster Eric Rutan, they are the makers of my favorite death metal album of all time, 2002\'s \"King of All Kings\" (and their two other albums are more than excellent as well!). Simply put, I\'ve been looking forward to \"Fury and Flames\" for quite some time!

The album is dedicated to former Hate Eternal bass player Jared Anderson who passed away in 2006, and if brutal, technical and chaotic death metal is a way of saying goodbye, I should think Anderson is well on his way! Opening track, \"Hell Envenom\" starts out with a short noisy intro, and then chaos kicks in in a classic Hate Eternal style! Grindy drums at break-neck speed, Rutan\'s roaring growls and screams, atonal guitar riff and short piercing solos hit you like a sledgehammer.

The riffs are insane, chaotic, and shrieking, building up to crazy fast (fast as in FAST!) leads, before breaking down and adjoining the pieces back together in new ways, building layer upon layer of guitar awesomeness. This album is the first to feature another guitarist than Eric Rutan since their 1999\'s debut \"Conquering the Throne\" (where Doug Cerrito of Suffocation fame handled the other axe), as Hate Eternal now has Shaune Kelly to back Rutan up. And it shows! Even though Hate Eternal\'s music never has been simple in any way, the extra guitar work pushes them to new levels of intricate chaos.

And chaos it is. I wouldn\'t recommend this disc to a newcomer in the death metal camp, as it is sure to scare newbies away. This is not an easy listening album, but rather a cacophony of sound, and it takes several attempts before one really starts appreciate the level of musicianship on display here. And that\'s even coming from a death metal fan! I find that this album really grows on you the more spins it gets, and even though it doesn\'t quite compare to \"King of All Kings\", it is a serious contender for their next best offering, battling with \"I, Monarch\" for second place.

Hate Eternal has once again pushed the boundaries of death metal a little further, and in doing so raised the bar for 2008\'s death metal albums to come! This isn\'t an instant death metal classic, but give it a shot, and then a few more , and you\'ll start to feel the love – or the hate?


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Release date 19.02.2008
Metal Blade Records
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