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Escape EP

Written by: TL on 04/04/2008 14:19:54

Some records are dreadfully hard to review. Some records are so strange and intricate in their expression that I have to sit around listening intently for hours, trying to figure out what the hell they're trying to do. Then other records are delightfully simple, letting you know within seconds of the first song what's going on, just like Therefore I Am's recently released "Escape EP".

While someone more artsy and pretentious than I (if such people exist), might warrant such a thing as a bad quality, I can assure you that on this record, that is not the case. In fact the direct energy and passion that shoot at the listener in the chorus of opener "The Publicist" displays Therefore I Am at their absolute best. The instrumental work is highly melodic and up beat, with a vibe mixed from post-hardcore, melodic punk rock and just flat out rock, and vocally the style is located somewhere in the crossfire between bands like Story Of The Year, The Used and Thrice - You know the soaring scratched kind of roars mixed with bittersweet passionate singing.

Track 2, "You And No Other" proceeds exactly like the first track left off, albeit a bit weaker in its hooks if you ask me. On "45 Miles" things are slowed down and the band gives being sensitive a try, and this is were I feel things come close to falling off an edge. Like with earlier The Used material, it's going to be matter of personal preference if the repeatedly sung chorus "And I could be by your bedside in no time/singing you back to sleep" manages to balance on 'the top' or goes too far over it. In any case, the track's a bit weak between the previous ones as well as the following "Farewell, Via Park". Here the speed and power is picked right back up, and we're introduced to the catchiest guitar riff on the cd - good stuff that is!

"Deep In The Cell" is unfornately rather anonymous and the interlude-ish "Traces" doesn't really seem to have any significance what so ever. Fortunately we get yet another fast track before the end in form of "I Get Nervous In Cars".

Overall, it is of course a significant drawback that only the full-on fast stuff seems to really work all the way through, and there's no getting around that Therefore I Am have edges to smoothe out and variations of their style to perfect before they're ready as major league contenders, but then again, this band still haven't recorded a debut album and much can still happen. As it is, the energy and passion the band displays in the songs they do nail make these sound delightfully fresh, and I'd recommend checking them out.


Download: "The Publicist", "Farewell, Via Park", "I Get Nervous In Cars"
For The Fans Of: Story Of The Year, The Used, Thrice
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Release date 15.11.2007

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