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Written by: PP on 29/03/2008 17:06:49

Flogging Molly is the second biggest name in the Guiness-drenched world of Irish Celtic punk after the Dropkick Murphys. Though the band originates from the states, they recreate the green, merry feeling of St Patrick's day in Ireland smoothly, and have you dancing arm in arm with locals around you in no time. "Float" is the band's fourth studio album and first in over four years.

The whole variety of Flogging Molly is well represented on the album. You've got the heartfelt ballads like the title track, the fiddle-infused punk tracks like "You Won't Make A Fool Out Of Me" and "Lightning Storm", as well as the easily memorable, massive singalongs like "Requiem For A Dying Song". Folk and Celtic rhythms are everywhere, with banjo, tin whistle, fiddle, accordion and many other traditional instruments assuming a big role within the punk rock core.

The problem I've had with all Flogging Molly albums is that their songs lack the ability to make the listener feel as good on record as they do in a live environment. Place them on any Festival and the Flogging Molly show is guaranteed the best and biggest party around, where everyone is having an amazing time. But like their other albums, "Float" can't be listened on record, at least by yourself. It's one of those records you'll put on at a house party to kick start the fun and games, and one of those records you'll go watch live with thousands of others. Without anyone dancing with you, the fun of "Float" is lost, and much of this can be attributed to the focus on the live environment. Where Dropkick Murphys focused on writing a great bunch of individual songs on their latest record, "Float" is a collection of ballads and party songs meant to be experienced live.


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Release date 04.03.2008
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