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Greatest hits compilation albums are always a great way for any band to get rid of their contractual obligations with a label which they don\'t like and which doesn\'t do any good for the band anyway. Record one or two new tracks, smack on a bunch of old classics and some newer (worse) songs from the era of this recording contract, and vupti, you don\'t have to record a full album\'s worth of material for the label anymore. That\'s basically summarizing the New Found Glory story and the reason why \"Hits\" is being released, even if neither the band nor the label publicly admit to it.

Like most other greatest hits albums, \"Hits\" starts off with a new song, \"Situations\", which gives a glimmer of hope about the future of New Found Glory. Part \"Coming Home\" part \"Catalyst\", the song is a step in the right direction, bringing back the slightly punk-ier sound, although the major-label production budget is still ruining the song. It\'s the same curse that made \"Hold My Hand\" and \"It\'s Not Your Fault\" lose so much appeal, which are the only two tracks featured from the \"Coming Home\" era on the album.

Their classic sophomore album \"New Found Glory\" gets equally two tracks, with the pop punk classic \"Hit Or Miss\" leading the way. \"Sticks & Stones\" gets three, and \"Catalyst\" gets four tracks on the compilation, which is another sign that either the band, the label, or worse, both, has completely lost touch on reality. Although \"Catalyst\" sold most copies out of all New Found Glory songs to date, it certainly is nowhere near the band\'s best releases \"Nothing Gold Can Stay\" and self-titled, which again showcases that the major label is only interested in selling a lot of copies of the album instead of having the band\'s best songs on the record.

For what it\'s worth, \"Hits\" can\'t be recommended to any New Found Glory fan. Not because the music isn\'t great, but because realistically every New Found Glory fan already has all of these songs minus \"Situations\", and nothing new has been done to the songs. No re-recording, re-mastering or anything like that (not that their songs need that anyway). If you\'re new to New Found Glory it maybe worth downloading \"Hits\" to get a quick overview of which records from the band\'s six album strong back catalog you should be buying. While we\'re waiting for the band\'s upcoming new studio record...


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Release date 18.03.2008
Geffen Records

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