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Rancid should be a familiar name to everyone who has been listening to punk rock for more than just a few years. Having released some of the genre\'s absolute classics in 1995\'s \"...And Out Came The Wolves\" and 2003\'s \"Indestructible\", the band has been gone from the scene quite some time now, with band members focusing on their solo projects and other bands whilst holding the band on an unofficial hiatus on the background. To gear up for the release of their first studio album in five years later this year, the band has thrown us all a reminder what Rancid has always been all about, a 21 track \"B Sides & C Sides\" compilation featuring rare music from every era of the band.

The album is opened in a typical Rancid manner, with a silly, cheery, singalong anthem \"Ben Zanotto\". The riffs are fast, the drumming solid and the vocals are as drenched in alcohol as they have always been. Then the band jumps straight into a NOFX style ska-punk track in \"Stop\", dating all the way back to 1998, before the jazzy slap \"Devils Dance\" has you dancing around your room to its groove. Then you\'ll experience a trip back on the memory lane when \"Dead And Gone\"\'s thick bass-line leads the song into harsh, raw punk rock territory where production is a faint echo somewhere in the empty garage. \"Stranded\" offers some more hardcore punk, before \"Killing Zone\" demonstrates that Rancid is perfectly capable of writing songs that could be on a post-\"Mobilize\" Anti-Flag record. \"100 Years\" is arguably the funnest song on the record, where the guitar sounds like frantic banjo or something. It\'s a nice set up for \"Things To Come\", which is a laid back ska-song reminiscent of mid 90s NOFX and/or Sublime.

And that\'s pretty much how the rest of the album fares as well, back and forth between the intense hardcore punk and the chilled out ska sound, both which have always been in the band\'s most loved repertoire. You get your fair share of songs sounding like Anti-Flag, NOFX, Lagwagon and Operation Ivy, but that\'s all good, because we love all those bands, don\'t we? Come on, don\'t lie. Nonetheless, \"B Sides And C Sides\" works as an excellent reminder of what Rancid is capable of, and should be enough to get any punk rock fan really excited about the band\'s new studio album later this year.

Download: 100 Years, Ben Zanotto, Devils Dance, Killing Zone
For the fans of: NOFX, Operation Ivy, Lagwagon, Anti-Flag
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Release date 15.01.2008
Rancid Records

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