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Snake Wine

Written by: PP on 20/03/2008 17:46:47

Didn\'t like Mastodon\'s \"Blood Mountain\" as much as their previous album? High On Fire reads among your favorite bands? Look no further than Light Pupil Dilate, whose sophomore album \"Snake Wine\" has finally been released on this side of the pond. In North America, this band\'s potential has already been recognized, given that the band has been sharing stages with big name bands like Mastodon, Kylesa and All That Remains, although it\'d be unfair to the band to say they sound too much like any of those three bands. But anyway, now to the review of \"Snake Wine\".

\"Snake Wine\" is a record that occasionally drones along at High On Fire speeds, at other times slaps on awesome technical riff sequences from Mastodon, and delivers it all with the attitude of punk and the precision of Tool. The album opener \"Prana\" is distressingly slow, but the scratched slow croons of the vocalist give ground for calling the song mildly catchy. \"Big Open\" has clearly taken some influence from the big soundscapes of Maynard\'s prog-rock masteries in A Perfect Circle and Tool, and features some immensely large sound explosions that are built up to slowly, but surely. A song like \"Selfless\" shows that the band isn\'t afraid to dive straight into a Converge-styled high-octane chaotic hardcore approach, though they still integrate a degree of chord progression and sludge into the sound. The fact that such a thick, full sound has been achieved by just a trio is astounding.

Perhaps the best aspect about \"Snake Wine\" is how original it sounds despite how easy it is to compare it to other prog rock acts. Although you\'ll hear similarities to a band like Tool, they\'re only parallels, and 100% of the time they are mind-blowingly original passages. If you ask me, Light Pupil Dilate might be the best band to come out of the sludge-rock-metal genre since Mastodon and High On Fire.

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Release date 11.02.2008
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