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Written by: PP on 16/03/2008 05:34:30

Danish death metallers Thorium have been hyped up quite some bit by our promotional contacts, all eager to extract a great review of the band in the hopes that some of you readers will actually go down to the (online) store and buy the album based on what I write about it. They've reactivated themselves from a self-imposed hiatus from a few years ago, and are now ready to storm the vibrant Danish metal scene with their third album "Feral Creation", a fairly decent death metal album certain to please the genre-enthusiast in every way.

The first aspect you'll notice about "Feral Creation" is how tight both the instrumentation and vocal work are. Quick background check results in no surprises; Jacob Hansen has been standing behind the mixer board, and past experience tells us that means we are treated to a brutal, but yet perfectly produced wall of sound at just the right levels, allowing every instrument an equal amount of space.

You can't credit Thorium for a great deal of originality, though. Everything from the rattling serpentine riffs through the full scale destruction of the drums to the nearly indecipherable grunts and growls of vocalist MHA is pretty much textbook death metal. The instrumental assault is on full-throttle from start to finish, but somehow the band has managed to add a considerable amount of groove into their music, positioning them somewhere between the melodeath style of their Swedish counterparts and the raw brutality of American death metal. The songs are also remarkably catchy for a death metal release, for instance "Gates Of Utumno" had me 'singing' along the chorus, something that's usually a missing feat in death metal. But again, that speaks volumes about the songwriting experience Thorium already have.

In the end "Feral Creation" sounds exactly how you would expect a traditional death metal band to sound like on their third album - technically proficient, well-produced and extremely focused. It's the kind of release that won't turn anyone into death metal, but it'll sure as hell keep the fans of the genre happy; if bands such as Dying Fetus and Severe Torture are within your musical tastes, then don't miss Thorium.

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Release date 18.02.2008
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