No Quarter

Fear And Loathing On The Pacific Highway

Written by: PP on 26/07/2022 17:43:26

No Quarter is a skate punk band from Australia that has been playing music together since the early 2000s. It has only amounted to a couple of EPs and a debut album back in 2017 before their sophomore album "Fear And Loathing On The Pacific Highway". But with time comes experience, which manifests itself in the form of a record that should make fans of European-style skate punk very happy indeed, particularly those of the Swedish variety.

If you've ever listened to records by Satanic Surfers or Atlas Losing Grip, you'll discover No Quarter to sound essentially identical to both bands right away on the album opener "I'll Have One Ticket To The Revolution, Now Pass Me My Brick". We're talking breakneck speed, stop/start skate punk with technical leads, and a distinctly high-pitched clean vocal delivery. Throw in a few backing shouts on "Empty Apologies" and the comparison is uncanny, even if you can draw further parallels to US-based skate punk bands like Much The Same and Ignite along the way.

That isn't a bad thing, by the way. No Quarter's take on technical skate punk is about as faithful to the 90s golden years of punk as it gets, where songs like "Children Of The Faith" shred like Millencolin did back on their early albums. The catchy choruses of "Long Distance" and "One By One" are decent, delivering a melodic guitar expression that could've easily been on an Epitaph release back in the day.

So if you don't mind a halfway nostalgic take on skate punk or similarities to your old favorite bands, No Quarter delivers a good forty minutes worth of ridiculously fast and a few infectiously catchy tracks like "Truckstops And Sunsets" or "#cry4attention" in the process. Don't expect anything groundbreaking or innovative, rather than a solid example of don't fix what ain't broken.


Download: Long Distance, Children Of The Faith, One By One, #cry4attention
For the fans of: Satanic Surfers, Atlas Losing Grip, Ignite, Much The Same
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Release date 22.04.2022
Melodic Punk Style

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