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Where Myth Becomes Memory

Written by: PP on 24/07/2022 16:17:59

"Where Myth Becomes Memory" is the sixth Rolo Tomassi album and the final one in a trilogy of cosmic space rock records that started on 2015's "Grievances". Here, the UK bunch are arguably at the most ethereal and ambient point of their career, crafting cinematic post-rock type soundscapes to contrast their chaotic mathcore/screamo material. Case in point, the opening "Almost Always" is delicate and graceful, allowing vocalist Eva Korman to fully demonstrate her impressive range. Here, she utilizes an airy, softly sung style that is in stark contrast to her monstrously throaty scream on "Labyrinthine", for example.

The sci-fi ambiance is in a driving role throughout the record. This means lengthy segments of post-metal and other atmospherics to fully achieve a floaty, dreamy soundscape. It creates an eerie sense of tranquillity that works as a perfect launchpad to a strong quiet/loud dynamic whenever the band returns to their aggressive side. Previously I've always found the radical time signatures and utter chaos of their screamo material the best they can do, but here, tracks like "Closer" are just too beautiful to deny. As such, the record feels less like a Fear Before The March Of Flames inspired one rather than one by post-rock and post-metal bands.

That's not to say there aren't great screamo moments here as well. "Prescience" is a ravaging, razor-sharp piece, much like "Cloaked" even if the latter has dreamy vocals contrasting the raw shrieks. Still, it is the piano-laced moments of tranquillity that offer the most spellbinding, beautiful passages on the record. There's a sense of depth and longevity to their music that wasn't there on 2018's "Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It", a wholesome feeling that all the cinematic and theatrical ingredients are finally working in unison with the heavy elements in the mix.

As a result, "Where Myth Becomes Memory" feels like some of the best work Rolo Tomassi has done to date. There are some incredible melodies layered beneath the atmospherics which you'll remember for years to come.

Download: Almost Always, Labyrinthine, Closer, Mutual Ruin, Drip
For the fans of: Fear Before The March Of Flames, Palm Reader
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Release date 04.02.2022

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