Prince Daddy & The Hyena

Prince Daddy & The Hyena

Written by: PP on 22/07/2022 16:44:15

Prince Daddy & The Hyena have been steadily brewing in the emo underground in Albany, New York until the release of their third, self-titled album. It's a record that should put the band on the collective consciousness of emo fans because of its refreshingly varied take on the genre, presenting it in an altogether different light at various points throughout.

Genre-wise, "Prince Daddy & The Hyena" is a rather chaotically mixed cocktail. "A Random Exercise In Impermanence (The Collector)" launches the record into a rowdy, aggressively played punk rock complete with scratchy vocals that sound uncannily like Vinnie Caruana during his rawest moments on The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche records. Right after, the band delves head first into My Chemical Romance style mixture of alternative rock and emo like they did on their first two albums, before "El Dorado" borrows from electro-pop to accentuate the otherwise Weezer-esque track nicely.

Sonically, the record is cacophonic in the same manner as Jeff Rosenstock or PUP records. There's a tingling alternative rock background that competes against raw, off-tune melodies and an emotional twist. All of this is presented through a similarly gloomy, desperation-laden lens as Proper's "The Great American Novel" recently - see "Hollow, As You Figured" as an example. There are screeching guitar solos and murky soundscapes packed in between semi-bright punk rock vibes to make the confusion complete.

The record continues in this fashion throughout, relying on experimentation and a huge variety between emo, pop, electronics, punk, and much more in between. From the light indie rock quirkiness of "Keep Up That Talk" through the raw, Brand New-esque moments of "Jesus Fucking Christ" to the emotionally charged punk rock of "Shoelaces", there's truly something for everyone here.

It's all held together by vocalist Korneilious Gregory's haunting howl and his ability to go from clean pop to coarse screams in a matter of seconds. As such, there's a red thread that keeps the variety enough in check so as to not get out of hand. It's a quirky, experimental record that presents a challenge to its listener. When it hits gold, it is truly great, but there are also moments where you feel a little lost as to what the band intended to do with their sound.

Download: A Random Exercise in Impermanence (The Collector), El Dorado, Shoelaces
For the fans of: PUP, Proper., My Chemical Romance, The Movielife
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Release date 15.04.2022
Pure Noise Records

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