The New World

Written by: PP on 22/07/2022 16:18:47

Danish rock band Lucer continue to adjust stylistically on their third album "The New World". This is a band that used to sound like The Hives and Foo Fighters combined on their debut album, a soundscape that has been all but dropped here. The band has teamed up with H.E.R.O. producer Christoffer Stjerne to incorporate heavy electronic beats and other effects into their music, resulting in a decisively more mainstream expression than in the past.

Songs like "Death Wish" and "No Soul" essentially sound like the final Linkin Park album, "One More Light", while also integrating influence from theatrical pop rock bands like 30 Seconds To Mars and Band Of Horses in the process. Subsequently, we're dealing with a huge, pitch-perfectly produced soundscape where catchy tracks like "Older" are designed to lure in new fans through their catchy choruses.

The pop and electronics element is dominant, leaving little room for the alternative rock expression that previously underscored Lucer's sound. The songs are rather predictable and simplistic as a result, going for the simple sing-alongs within artificially inflated soundscapes. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing. There's enough solid material here for an enjoyable record overall, even if Lucer has dropped the songwriting ambition in favor of cheap thrills and anthemic sing-alongs. After all, if pop rock is your thing, "Only One" is an undeniable track no matter which way you look at it.


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Release date 20.05.2022
Mighty Music

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