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In 2019, Orange County Punk and Hardcore outfit, Ignite found themselves at a crossroads, finding themselves without a singer ahead of writing a brand-new album. After being in Ignite for twenty-six years, long-term vocalist Zoli Teglas decided it was his time to move on from the band to focus on rescuing animals and other endeavours. With the arrival of new frontman Eli Santana who has big shoes to fill, Ignite is using this as a fresh start for the band by releasing their self-titled album. By calling it Ignite, the band has made a statement that this is very much still the same Ignite fans have come to know and love.

From the explosive start of “Anti-Complicity Anthem”, we are treated to a pacey melodic skate punk anthem, laden with a barrage of thunderous beats and crunchy riffage, nicely balanced out by catchy vocal hooks. It’s a song catered perfectly for a live environment, pit starter from the very start, containing some great gang vocal segments to invite crowd participation. Strong No Fun At All and 88 Fingers Louie vibes to ease us in. Immediately you can sense the urgency in the new frontman’s slightly cleaner voice compared to his predecessor. “The River” gives you a slight breather to start with, leaning in with more of a sombre approach, the crescendoing to a big alt-rock hit. Containing a nice, distorted noodling solo and more big vocal melodies to join in on. Just a couple of songs in and you can sense the anthemic, huge chorus standards that Ignite is setting early. “This Day” comes in more as an out and out hardcore song, sounding not too dissimilar to Turnstile, it’s punchy, but not overly aggressive. The thick basslines really prick your ears.

Following this, you get a sense that Ignite have some sort of a template that consists of creating big singalong anthems, while various between skate punk, pop-punk and hardcore. “This House Is Burning” for one is incredibly boppy, from the upbeat guitar rhythms and uplifting vocal tones in the verse to the overly inviting chorus that screams of a mainstream hit. How this isn’t the lead single I’ll never know. It’s prime modern pop-punk. Then “Enemy” comes in and hits harder. The riffs attack more, and the singing, while beautifully sung has a darker edge to it. The riffage has more of a crunch to it. Even the gang vocals contain more angst and grit. Yet you can’t help but sing along to yet another enticing chorus. “Let The Beggers Beg” finishes things off with influences of post-hardcore that contains some angst-ridden Alexisonfire vibes. The tone is edgier, and the vocals pack more of a punch, yet stay wonderfully clean. This all leads to more of an epic, theatrical end to the album.

This is a high octane punk album that appeases those that like things fast-paced, with some great melody and a bit of aggression with it. New singer Eli Santana has an incredible set of pipes on him that suit the sound well. The production feels a bit more polished compared to previous work, but there is still an edgy nature. There is a decent level of diversity within the punk influences that keeps this a fresh, exciting listen.


Download: This Day, The House Is Burning, Anti-Complicity Anthem
For the fans of: Pennywise, No Fun At All, 88 Fingers Louie
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Release date 25.0.2022
Century Media Records

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