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Great White Whale

Written by: TL on 26/02/2008 12:33:54

I feel like I must apologize for the reason that throughout this review, I suspect I'm going to talk just as much about Saosin as about the actual band in question. That band being the Canadian newcomers Secret And Whisper, comprised of ex-members of Stutterfly and vocalist Charles Furney, who have recently released their debut album "Great White Whale".

Ironically, the band does a pretty good job at describing my feelings about them in the chorus of the second track of the album "You Are Familiar", when they sing the line "You're so familiar / in ways that I / Am looking for!". These words ring as true to me as they will to any longtime Saosin fan missing the days of the "Translating The Name EP", because listening to "Great White Whale", it's hard not to delude yourself with a thought that it's actually Anthony Greene and Saosin back together to show us all how it's done. The guitars create the same feel with lofty melodies traveling hand in hand with razor sharp chorded riffage and the vocals have the same soaring pitch, raising higher and higher without ever resorting to cliché screaming.

All of this is coupled with a very dynamic rhythm section, with driving drums and bass work that sounds like it's more solid than a concrete wall, both falling into perfect union like clockwork, effectively adding depth to the songs, so your senses are still tickled even after the fascination with the melodies and vocals have worn off. Top it all off with well-placed synth and keyboard effects and faded choirs, adding character and mood to the songs, making it even easier for the listener to recognize them after few listens.

So far the songs that have fastened themselves most firmly to my awareness are "You're So Familiar", "XOXOXO" and the amazing "Spider Besider", the latter two hinting at the same kind of elusive depth that some of you may associate with The Receiving End Of Sirens. However I still have lots and lots of listening to do before I'll feel perfectly acquainted with this release, and already more of the tracks are opening up to me, increasing the suggestion that there are few moments on this album where the brilliance ever fades. Like mentioned earlier, it is very similar to Saosin's self titled debut full length. The defining difference is that Secret And Whisper's songs, despite being very simple and compact, give you a distinct feel that they're each hiding their own secret, making them infinitely less obvious than the otherwise great songs on "Saosin". The conclusion is that a release filled with songs like that makes me hard pressed to find time to listen to anything else. It has effectively seduced me and I think that you'd be a fool not to see if it could do the same to you.


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Release date 12.02.2008
Tooth & Nail Records

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