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New Age Filth

Written by: PP on 09/05/2021 13:51:57

High-flying progressive emo/post-hardcore group Hail The Sun have reached their fifth album with "New Age Filth". Not much has changed for the last couple of the albums as the band has nailed down their sound, and that is also the case here: dramatic, theatrical soundscapes are supplemented by intricate guitar and other complicated instrumentation, while singer Donovan Melero delivers his classic Anthony Green / Tilian Pearson style high pitched vocal onslaught. That's by no means a negative as the band's incredibly solid harmonies and melodies showcase on this album.

Hail The Sun has forged a signature sound that's effectively an amalgamation of several critically acclaimed, unique soundscapes. A song like "Slander" draws from the progressive sci-fi emo of Coheed And Cambria, while "Solipsism" sources from The Fall Of Troy style instrumental landscape complete with rapid-fire time signature changes and insanely complex guitar segments. Elsewhere, the technical flair of Dance Gavin Dance or A Lot Like Birds is on vivid display (see "Misfire" or "Domino"), while the soundscape overall takes you back to the Circa Survive-era atmospherics.

By taking influence from such a wide array of bands, each known for their unique twist to emo and post-hardcore, the resulting expression is both familiar and brilliant at the same time. Songs like album highlight "Parasitic Cleanse" highlight the soaring vocal melodies and catchy choruses which sound familiar, yet the complex arrangement and instrumental prowess offers something that feels specifically like Hail The Sun's own.

When put together, "New Age Filth" is an excellent example of how to push genre boundaries beyond the standard fare. The songs are challenging, yet rewarding in terms of memorable chorus melodies and stop-start instrumental segments, as well as for their cinematic levels of atmospherics and theatrics. A solid addition to the crowded emo/post-hardcore genre.


Download: Parasitic Cleanse, Solipsism, Misfire, Domino
For the fans of: Circa Survive, Coheed And Cambria, A Lot Like Birds, Dance Gavin Dance, The Fall Of Troy
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Release date 16.04.2021
Rude Records / Equal Vision Records

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