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IV: Constitution Of Treason

Written by: PP on 28/09/2005 01:57:54

God Forbid delivers their best album to date with their concept album "IV: Constitution Of Treason". The album draws in overseas influence from famous Swedish thrash giants like The Haunted to consolidate into their unique melodic hardcore sound.

The first track, "The End Of The World" starts off with a hauntingly slow guitar introduction followed by an ear-shattering riff straight from a headbanger's wet dream, and a scream from the other side preaching about genocide and, obviously, the end of the world as we know it. The song basically defines what the rest of the album reads and sounds like.

The lyrics of "IV: Constitution Of Treason" are full of anger and left-wing politics, displaying the bands dislike of the current US government and its policies. Unlike most bands, God Forbid's messages come through unusually clearly, despite the use of metaphors and other literary devices. There are no direct references to the US government or any other one for that matter except for the US constitution in "Welcome To The Apocalypse (Preamble)", but once studied more in depth, the connections show up more obviously than you would've thought.

The album is filled with melodic guitar solos, similar to the Gothenburg bands, and powerful riffs that tear your ears apart, just like in the opening track. In fact, "IV: Constiution Of Treason" constitutes (no pun intended) a thrash metal album rather than a hardcore album.

The album continues pretty much on the same track left by "The End Of The World", with such brilliant tracks as "To The Fallen Hero" and "Into The Wasteland", which, by the way, is my personal favorite, before entering into the seriously heavy political side. "Welcome To The Apocalypse (Preamble)" is a beautiful but still haunting, sung out epic with the United States constitution's preamble read out in the end, followed by whispers of "treason". Though the track in itself is already over 4 minutes long, it works as the introduction to "Constitution Of Treason", one of the best tracks on the album, which criticizes the new acts such as the Patriotic Act and calls on people to act against them: The screamed out "Cross out the lies, lies, lies, lies" provide the perfect ending for this politically fueled song.

The listener is left devastated over the depth of the album once "Crucify Your Beliefs" finishes. It is obvious that this is the album that will once be considered as the album of their career.


Download: Into The Wasteland, Constitution Of Treason
For the fans of: The Haunted, Killswitch Engage

Release date 20.09.2005
Century Media

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