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Written by: PP on 14/04/2021 21:25:34

After a refreshing return to a heavier direction on "Bad Vibrations" five years ago, A Day To Remember opt for an altogether different style on seventh album "You're Welcome". After ripping off from Sum 41's "Still Waiting" melody on dark, chunky album opener "Brick Wall", the band turn right around and incorporate hefty amounts of pop melody into "Mindreader" which feels like a song Fall Out Boy could've written on or after "Folie á Deux". Not a sign of the throaty screaming, densely distorted guitars, and crunchy vibes of the album opener here.

"Bloodsucker" continues along the same lines, this time drawing from Panic! At The Disco, where the only hint of anything resembling a heavy line is the strained vocal delivery of the chorus, but to be perfectly honest, it sounds more like a Papa Roach song than what you're used to hearing from A Day To Remember. And here's the point: while there are a couple of passages on the record where the band source from their metalcore origins, it's mostly limited to screamed vocals. Looking for those bouncy pop-punk melodies laced with dynamic riffs and crushing breakdowns? Not really a thing here, save for a song or two.

Instead, the majority of the record utilizes pop and electronics for songs that are fairly catchy but über cheesy. Case in point: "F.Y.M" (or as they sing on it, "I made a lot of Fuck You Money"). "Viva La Mexico", a song about getting wasted "south of the borderline", is likewise poppy, "Resentment" goes all out on electronics despite being infectiously catchy, and "High Diving" sources even from soothing R'n'B during its interlude. All of them suggest a trend that A Day To Remember is done with metalcore and about to go all out on sell-out pop-rock instead, if selling out is even possible for a band of their level of fashionability in the first place.

The key problem is that even though the Papa Roach style hard rock on tracks like "Permanent" is catchy, it feels forgettable and worse, forced. Let's be honest - this isn't how we'd like A Day To Remember to sound like.


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Release date 05.03.2021
Fueled By Ramen

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