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Incisions exploded on to the UK’s DIY scene with their debut self titled album in 2018 and have hardly looked back. In fact, since that release, the band have moved forward in bringing in former Riggots lead man, Martin Battle on guitar for some added depth.

“BLISS” sees the Manchester quartet hit even harder with an onslaught of aggressive and raw-sounding, thrashy punk tracks, filled to the brim with crunchy riff work and incredibly thick basslines throughout. Right from the start, “You’re Not The Same” holds nothing back, a tenacious fast song with pounding beats and a wave of distorted hooks paving the way for vocalist Jordan Lloyd to unleash his angst with some throaty shouts. “Fuck The World” follows up with the same aggressive enthusiasm, but there is a catchiness to the delivery with shouted chant-like vocals in the chorus.

For the majority, this is a vicious sounding album, short blasts of fury that barely lasts two minutes, but the likes of “Fighting Myself” shows elements of groove and melody with snippets of inviting “WOAH” type chants that make it stand out above the rest. Then you have a track like “Back Of the Line” featuring more uplifting type hooks and the rough vocals are more sung than shouted for a nice change. “Better” shows a rare softer side to Incisions as a political acoustic song that Lloyd sings through gritted teeth. The course singing reminds me of Tragical History Tour and is a passionately powerful ballad that sticks out hard against an album full of pit starters. These tracks just make the heavier songs cut through even harder.

“BLISS” does a great job in giving you the kind of brutish tracks you expect from Incisions, it’s a release laden with tracks to get a crowd moving, and tracks like “Repeat Prescription” and “No Shame” absolutely crush it in that department. I expect these tracks to be live favourites in no time. But some snippets of melody and the occasional breather is needed. I’m not sure this album has the same “holy crap” impact that the self-titled album did, but “BLISS” is consistent in matching the expectations the previous album set.


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For the fans of: Pizza Tramp, Rash Decision, Grand Collapse
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Release date 02.04.2021
TNS Records

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