Life Is Not A Lesson

Written by: PP on 18/03/2021 19:03:47

Title Fight might be on a hiatus, but the spirit of the band lives on in bassist/vocalist Ned Russin's solo project Glitterer. "Life Is Not A Lesson", his sophomore album, is a clear throwback to the "Floral Green" masterpiece by the band, at least if you are to base your judgment on the opening three tracks "Are You Sure", "Bodies" and "Try Harder Still". Here, the familiar screechy guitar distortion provides an ideal instrumental backing for his throaty roars that's so similar to his main band it feels like they could easily be leftovers from that album's recording sessions.

However, the expression changes radically for the remainder of the album. The distorted guitar is replaced by a minimalistic, electronified soundscape characterized by computerized beats, samples, effects, and other utility that offers a radically different interpretation on Russin's pipes. The punk and post-hardcore undertones are still clearly audible from his raw expression, yet instrumentally we're experimenting with ideas from electro, darkwave, and other styles. For instance, "Birdsong" is quiet and understated, sounding like it could've been recorded in a bedroom on someone's MacBook, whereas "I Made The Call" draws from British indie rock from its pioneering years many decades ago.

It's certainly an interesting twist to how Title Fight could've also sounded like had they gone in a different direction. The ideas are almost always connectable to them, yet it's clear Russin has opted for sonic experimentation here. Coming into this release as a huge Title Fight fan, though, I'm still primarily drawn to the opening three tracks or a song like "Fire" where the scream-laden vocals and brooding guitars dominate the soundscape. This is where Glitterer is at its best, the rest is merely...quirky.

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Release date 26.02.2021

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