Teenage Wrist

Earth Is A Black Hole

Written by: PP on 17/03/2021 20:06:29

Now here's a band poised for a serious breakthrough: Teenage Wrist. Hailing from Los Angeles, the band saw original vocalist Kamtin Mohager depart already after album number one, replaced by guitarist Marshall Gallagher here on sophomore record "Earth Is A Black Hole", but sometimes small adjustments lead into major breakthroughs as is the case here. Simply put, "Earth Is A Black Hole" has the eerie sound of a band where everything suddenly 'clicked' and out came a refreshingly original take on alternative rock.

While the main ingredients of the cocktail - the expansive, echoing soundscapes and the soft-on-the-ears vocals - point towards a more mainstream direction, just underneath the hood you'll find dreamy, grungy undertones with post-hardcore references and nuances of emo thrown in for good measure. Think bands like Basement, Superheaven and particularly Title Fight, whose treble-charged guitar-style from "Hyperview" is heavily utilized here ("New Emotion" virtually lives off that record). The songs thus have a heavy baseline, but the vocals draw from pop-laden harmonies in the vein of Trophy Eyes straight through to uplifting, Jimmy Eat World-style sing-alongs with parallels toward their more experimental, electronic era in the process.

Elsewhere, the soundscape is melancholic, fuzzy, and dreamy, leaving behind a vast, fogged-out atmosphere that's ripe for exploration. Throughout the record we're assured of a loud, far-reaching alternative rock sound at the same time, making the songs easily accessible even on first listen. But the aforementioned elements give the record a sense of depth, which is perfectly audible on the title track, which essentially gives heavy vibes of Alkaline Trio circa "Good Mourning" while blending together the treble guitars of Title Fight that I've been raving about in this review.

Overall, the record features echoing, stunning melodies that have both longevity and immediacy simultaneously. It's uplifting and grandiose, yet never too poppy nor predictable (save for maybe "Wear You Down"). With songs like "Taste Of Gasoline" and particularly the Basement soundalike "Silverspoon", "Earth Is A Black Hole" is an album of the caliber you'll certainly find near this year's top albums, that's for sure.

Download: Silverspoon, Taste Of Gasoline, New Emotion, Wasting Time, Earth Is A Black Hole
For the fans of: Title Fight, Superheaven, Basement, Trophy Eyes, Jimmy Eat World
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Release date 12.02.2021

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