Bleach Solves Most Of My Problems EP

Written by: PP on 16/03/2021 20:02:44

Invektiv is a relatively new, Copenhagen, Denmark-based hardcore punk band that offers a razor-sharp, breakneck speed take on the genre that resembles output from the Ungdomshuset scene. That is, DIY production and lo-fi approach, where more focus is placed on attitude and aggression than melodies and finish. In that sense, they take from the original hardcore scene with nuances of Circle Jerks, OFF! and why not even Black Flag found in the mix, probably closest compatriots in Copenhagen being Brudte Løfter.

"Bleach Solves Most Of My Problems" is their sophomore EP, and it wastes no time underlining what sort of a band Invektiv is. "Calavera" floors the pedal immediately and delivers a ripping, tormenting form of throaty hardcore where the coarse shrieks capture a sense of urgency and immediacy that salvages the record from its lackluster production, where balance might as well be on another planet. Its caustic aggression is piercing and nonstop, but this is the best way to hammer the point home when you're on a low-budget DIY setup and ensure the record will sound identical when played live.

The ten minutes and four tracks offer a brief, but chaotic glimpse into the underground DIY hardcore scene, delivering a burst of pissed off, unfiltered energy through an 80s hardcore lens with few qualms about pit casualties. Check it out if you're into early-stage hardcore bands, otherwise, wait 'til they can afford better production.

Download: Calavera, Pleasure
For the fans of: OFF!, Circle Jerks, Brudte Løfter, Direct Effect
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Release date 01.04.2021

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