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Written by: PP on 30/01/2021 16:35:44

Holy shit! Jeff is RAGING on "NO DREAM", his fourth solo full-length album. His albums have always been chaotic in their nature, although thus far he hasn't been able to top the beautiful concoction of chaos and harmony that was Bomb! The Music Industry on "Scrambles". That is, until "NO DREAM" came out last year. It's a record that's literally bursting with passion where the glass doesn't just spill over, it's full-on splashing and causing a tsunami of energy to pour of your speakers as you let Jeff & co ransack your understanding of a vibrant soundscape.

One quick listen to the title track "N O D R E A M" should convince you with its ridiculous tempo, its ferocious hardcore barks, that transforms into what essentially sounds like the entire band falling down a few staircases while spazzing violently back-and-forth their instruments while somehow incredibly finding an infectious melody in the process. It's exactly the kind of passion first, production far second type of a soundscape that makes glitchy, melodic punk rock so messy and wonderfully brilliant at the same time. Fuck the mistakes and off-tune bits, there is no autotune to be found here, just rollicking, cacophonic punk rock godhood delivering what is possibly the most timely and ferociously injected vaccination against punk rock going stale that I've heard in a long while - drawing parallels to PUP's debut album back in 2014.

Indeed, "NO DREAM" is bursting at its seams, totally unpredictable and insane in its soundscape, which incidentally is exactly how Jeff Rosenstock sounds at his very best. It's his loudest and craziest record yet, one where you'll find fiery hardcore segments, simpler troubadour-style tracks, sing-alongs, and unconventional punk rock smashers all merged into one, brilliant mess that sounds like a blender exploded into a thousand pieces while running at full speed. With an array of punk rock royalty guesting as a cherry on the top, we've got Laura Stevenson and Fake Problems' Chris Farren contributing as well, to a record that's an instant classic and a great return to form after a couple of, err, let's say more conventional records from Jeff preceding this one.


Download: NO TIME, N O D R E A M, Nikes (Alt), State Line
For the fans of: PUP, (old) Joyce Manor, Bomb! The Music Industry, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb
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Release date 20.05.2020
Polyvinyl / Quote Unquote

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