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According to the promotional sheet accompanying Faceshift\'s debut album \"Reconcile\" the members of the band decided to abandon the death metal endeavours of their previous project called Eternal Oath, and only after jamming some stuff with \"Timo, a friend of theirs who\'s a kick ass singer\" did they reform as Faceshift. They simply knew they were \"On something awesome. With new life and power breathed into the songs..\"

Sounds cool right? Too bad Timo is about as far from being a kick ass singer as anyone I\'ve heard for a loooong time. Okay, so he\'s not as bad as Wil Francis but he\'s getting there. Imagine a singer - no wait in fact imagine a band, sounding a great deal like Disturbed except the heavy riffs aren\'t heavy, the melodic ones aren\'t catchy and there is no aggression or snappy songwriting to save the mess. Regarding Timo, it is unfortunately blatantly apparent in especially his lower parts that he\'s trying very hard to sound in a specific way without succeeding for a second. Overall the album sounds tired, forced and hardly like a band that\'s re-found its past energy and creativity.

So guys, I know it\'s harsh, and I\'m sorry for you and especially for Timo, but as long as he sings like this, your band has at least one more \'faceshift\' to go before becoming remotely interesting to me or the readers. As they say in baseball; Strike


For the fans of: Watered down Disturbed with some gothic influence

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Release Date 28.01.08
Black Lodge Records
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