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Written by: PP on 23/09/2005 19:25:16

Behind the uncontrollable rhythms, chaotic riffs and odd breakdowns of Every Time I Die stands a band, whose love of the likes of Motörhead and Mötley Crue is indisputable. Even though it is possible to directly hear the influence of the latter bands on their garage like riffs, it is impossible to say the band sounds anything like them. The full-blown chaos and the uncontrolled riffs jump you at unexpected times, and the timing of the breakdowns surprises you every single time, regardless of how many times you have listened through the record.

To make their sound even more difficult to conceive, think of My Chemical Romance meeting your favorite garage rock band with a vocalist sounding as desperate as a man facing certain death, add some oldschool riffs a la Motörhead, and you'll be thinking "huh?".

Allright, so they sound different than what we're used to. It would be too easy to finish the review here by giving them a high grade for being different, but honestly this release has nothing groundbreaking in it. Sure, the breakdowns are at the strangest places and the chaotic sound makes At The Drive-In seem organised, but the record really has no identity. After a dozen listens the songs lack enough variety to distinguish which one's which, with the exception of "Bored Stiff", "Champing At The Bit" and the opening track "Apocalypse Now And Then".

The album has its moments with the songs mentioned above, but they are rare and drown into the mass of song after song sounding just way too similar. But it could be just me being subjective, as I just can't get over their horrible vocals.


Download: Bored Stiff, Apocalypse Now And Then
For the fans of: My Chemical Romance, Eighteen Visions

Release date 23.08.2005
Ferret Records

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