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Here we go again: Ice-T is back with rap-metal every bit as vulgar and aggressive as the last couple of full-lengths from Body Count. The Wikipedia entry succinctly explains their seventh album "Carnivore" as: "Explaining the title, vocalist Ice-T reported to Loudwire in 2018, prior to the album's recording: 'It's basically: Fuck vegans.'". But despite the controversial statements and non-PC statements made by Ice-T on and off record over the years, the truth is Body Count has excelled in making no-nonsense points that explicitly reveal the injustices in our society.

For instance, "Point The Finger" features harsh criticism for police violence and the trigger-happiness the US police force has been exposed of lately. They've always on point when it matters, and so what if they opt to splice some humour in between: "Bum Rush", for instance, features a huge BODY COUNT! chant for themselves in the middle of the song because, why not. Rap metal lives triumphantly on their material: it's unashamed, unassuming, and delivered with a shitload of attitude that feels like it's about to spill over from the record. That's also evident on this album's selected cover (all Body Count records pay homage to one artist in a single song): "Ace Of Spades" by Motörhead is delivered in explosive Body Count style that makes the song sound perhaps even rowdier than the original, given the metallic guitar lining and Ice-T's gangsta style.

And speaking of covers - Ice T even covers himself on "Colors - 2020" - a reinterpreted version of his own hip hop classic from 1988, complete with a blinding thrash metal solo to finish it off. The metallic version might even be better than the original, but that might just be my non-rap upbringing talking, and it even features Dave Lombardo (Slayer, et al). The record contains a star-studded list of other guest performances as well: Riley Gale (Power Trip), Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed), and Amy Lee (Evanescence) all contribute, although it is perhaps Amy Lee's performance on "When I'm Gone" that stands out the most. The song is a tribute of sorts to the murdered rapper Nipsey Hu$$le and is an atmospheric, metallic homage that feels back-chilling when you know the backstory.

"No Remorse" is basically the polar opposite of that: wishing death and suffering to all who have brought the PC culture too far, it's all about the right to say what you feel like in classic Body Count fashion.

Overall, "Carnivore" is a decent rap-metal album, however, it is starting to show signs of wear and tear much like the first time around when Body Count emerged. It's slightly formulaic at this point because it's effectively the same record as "Bloodlust" and "Manslaughter", so the shock value and surprise has worn off at this point. Can they write another one like this in three years' time? I'm not so sure.


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Release date 06.03.2020
Century Media

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