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Written by: PP on 19/12/2020 02:35:40

It's about a year ago since brand new Copenhagen punk outfit Fabled Mind released their debut album "Passenger", which slipped through various cracks on our side resulting in a much-delayed review. But better late than never. The trio formed from the ashes of Stream City, featuring vocalist/guitarist Dion Finne and bassist Mattias Rasmussen alongside the omnipresent Copenhagen punk drummer Leo Wallin (Forever Unclean, Kill The Rooster, Megafonzie, and too many others to name here). So what do you get exactly if you remove the violins from Stream City and add a skate punk drummer?

The answer? A tight, at times heavy, aggressive, breakneck speed style record that likes to sway between the technical and intricate punk of Stream City and the more melodic and light Swedish-style skatepunk like No Fun At All, Adjusted, and maybe even Millencolin. Highlights like "Entangled" display tight guitars wrapped around bouncy melodies, whereas

"Godspeed" leans more towards traditional skate punk akin to their aforementioned Swedish peers. Common to both styles, however, is the relentless pedal-to-the-floor approach that has always followed Finne's records no matter which band he's been in.

Sure, there is the occasional "The Serpent And The Gambler" that explores somewhat larger-scale soundscapes (undertones of Alkaline Trio can be heard in the subtleties), but the album opener "Into The Unknown", for instance, explodes out the gates racing forward at a speed that suggests someone's life depends on it. It's more of the latter than the former, on the record, mixed with complex guitar sequences that would make Belvedere proud, and hints of Swedish skate punk scattered about.

Overall, "Passenger" is a fine debut. "Entangled", "Before The Slaughter" and "The Serpent And The Gambler" are great songs on their own. But what lacks across the eight tracks is a consistency that would elevate the record beyond from 'good' to 'great'. For now, a decent addition to the Copenhagen punk scene: a professionally-sounding, solid technical punk rock band that's designed to slay live.


Download: Entangled, Before The Slaughter, The Serpent And The Gambler
For the fans of: Stream City, Belvedere, No Fun At All, Millencolin
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Release date 22.11.2019
Lockjaw Records

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