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Written by: PP on 19/12/2020 02:04:54

One of the breakout records of the year has to be Sundressed's sophomore album "Home Remedy", which takes you on a nostalgia-laden trip down the memory lane of the greatest moments of mid-to-late 2000s emo/post-hardcore movement. The band that immediately jumps to mind is Armor For Sleep and their release "Smile For Me", which sounds like it has been a dramatic inspiration for "Home Remedy", alongside bands like Hawthorne Heights, Anberlin, Junior Battles, and even Bayside.

Yes, we're knee-deep in emotional charge, layered in between anthemic pop punk hooks and clever, introspective lyrics like "I need noise-canceling headphones / to cancel the noise inside my head" or "I'm making deals with my subconscious self / If it gets worse, I'll ask for help". Catchphrases like these are scattered throughout the record as vocalist Trevor Hedges nails the lyrical universe to near-perfection, varying his approach from melancholic to enraged, from frustrated to joyous in the process.

Opener "Home Remedy" is an infectiously catchy, indie-flavored piece that highlights some of his fantastic lyricism straight away, but compare it to the post-hardcore-esque "No Thanks", an altogether more bombastic and dramatic track. That said, "Is This A Drug" is perhaps even more theatrical, here drawing from Panic! At The Disco's early material in a huge pop piece that nonetheless avoids sounding pretentious like so many of their peers. Instead, it's just melodramatic enough and jam-packed with insanely catchy hooks and an infectious chorus to ensure Sundressed will go far with this one.

Save for the ultra cheezy ballad "Sensitive Motherfucker", the record revolves steadily around indie, pop punk, post-hardcore, and emo in equal measure with a heavy focus on the lyrical department. We revisit soundscapes from Hawthorne Heights, Anberlin, and even Boys Night Out in places, but always in an inspirational rather than derivative fashion. What's more, the songs are infectiously catchy: "No Thanks", "Oh Please" and "Your Frequency" (aside from others named in this review) are among the best you'll hear this year. From hauntingly beautiful theatrical pieces to killer pop punk anthems, "Home Remedy" really has it all. And pay special attention to the lyrics, kids. This one's likely going to evolve into a cult classic over time.


Download: Home Remedy, No Thanks, Is This A Drug, Oh Please, Your Frequency
For the fans of: Armor For Sleep, Hawthorne Heights, Anberlin, Junior Battles, Bayside
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Release date 18.09.2020
Rude Records

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