Another Animal

Another Animal

Written by: ASH on 30/12/2007 20:31:02

Is everyone alright after this Christmas feast of carbohydrates, grease and sugar-infused treats? If so, then great! Enjoy it, take care of it the day after tomorrow and let the self-titled debut album from the Boston-based hard rockers Another Animal get you in the mood for jumping and rocking around in this coming January. With an album offering the all-round package of powerful riffs, striking lyrics and mighty drumming, a quick hear-through of this composition leaves you behind with a feel of positivity about this being the new sound on stage.

With the experience of the four Godsmack members; bassist Merrill, drummer Larkin and the guitarists Rombola and Richards, "Another Animal" has a strong line-up which contains the capacity of creating an interesting spectrum of sounds. Ranging from ritualistic chanting and heavy, pounding riffs and lyrics of the welcoming track "Find a Way", through the Staind-ish third track "Broken Again" with its very intriguing lyrics and a perfectly matching band backing it up to the almost all-acoustic show-off twelfth track "Fade Away", which ties up all the many musical elements of the album in a soothing, but still serious way due to its realistic touch provided by the deep lyrics. It's amazing how they've managed to finish off this album in only three weeks, but then again they're used to it.

The only drawback of "Another Animal" is just so typical for many great bands, especially debutants. There's so much to show off to the public crowd that they just seem to fit in everything they've got and say: "Now it's impossible for them not to like just two of the tracks!" Twelve tracks are of course a reasonable amount, but when taking in the repetitive sounds of some songs and how they feel like fill-ins for the album, the interest for listening through it all just seems to fall back a notch. Nevertheless, it's a completely natural thing for many bands out there, regardless of genre, and if we see it in a positive perspective it just leaves us with an impression of the greatness of the band's next release.

For Godsmack fans, and everybody else who likes some solid hard rock with the courage to experiment with different sounds, this is the next album worthy of slipping a few hard-earned dineros for. I won't be a prophet, but I see an interesting and positive future for this new powerhouse.


Download: Find a Way, Before the Fall, Fade away
For the fans of: Godsmack, Submersed, Evans Blue
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Release date 02.10.2007
Republic/Universal Records

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